OpenPhone provides a separate business line for $10 per month

openphone separate business number

OpenPhone is now providing a separate business phone number with an app to its customers for $10 per month. OpenPhone, a startup, has been working on an app to make it easier to get and use a business phone number.

The app has entered the market with a cloud-based phone service and some nice features. For startups and freelancers, OpenPhone’s separate business line will be the best option to go for, as other cloud-based business solutions are charging as much as $30 per month per user and more. 

OpenPhone is an app for iPad, Android and iPhone. After downloading the app, users can get a second phone number for just $10 per month. This number can be either a toll-free or a local number in Canada or the US. Customers can also port an existing mobile number and get rid of the second phone through this solution.

The app comes with some new exciting features like the ability to set business hours and a do not disturb feature that lets you temporarily mute calls. You can also forward calls to other numbers. Apart from receiving messages, user’s professional and personal calls along with texts will get a clear separation in this OpenPhone app.