One Plus 6T to have in-display fingerprint technology

oneplus in display fingerprint tech

OnePlus has revealed that it will be introducing in-display screen unlock starting from its eagerly awaited OnePlus 6T. Although OnePlus had said that it wanted to introduce this feature in OnePlus 5T, the technology was simply not mature enough at that point in time.

The new feature is going to help OnePlus 6T grab the headlines in the mobile world as none of the major players in the scene have introduced this feature. The mid-range Android mobile maker has always delivered when it comes to introducing quality products into the market and this one is expected to live up to the expectations.

Surely the in-display screen unlock feature will bring down the speed of unlocking but the company’s Face unlock will be there as a back-up, and it is lightning fast just like when it was first introduced. So, users may not be too bothered to choose from these options to use the phone in the best way possible.

OnePlus plans to launch its newest product in the market in October. With the new feature, OnePlus 6T is definitely going get a lot of attention for the rest of the year.