OnePlus officially confirms the new cheaper series “Nord”

oneplus confirms new nord series

OnePlus has officially confirmed its new budget series called the OnePlus Nord. With the Nord Series, OnePlus wants to get back to its origins and challenge the mid-range market segment with its premium software and hardware experience.

OnePlus started as “Flagship Killer” in 2013 pricing its first premium phone OnePlus One with Snapdragon 801 for just $299. Since then, the cost of the OnePlus Flagships has increased with every iteration. The latest and cheapest OnePlus 8 variant costs $699 going up to $999 for OnePlus 8 pro 12GB variant. Now, OnePlus Flagships are comparable to Flagships from premium brands like LG, Samsung, and even Apple.

With OnePlus Nord, it wants to target the tech enthusiasts by offering the OnePlus experience at a significantly lower price. The OnePlus Nord is expected to come up with Snapdragon 765. OnePlus Nord phone will first launch in Europe and India. Customers of the US will have a chance through “a highly limited beta program” after the main launch internationally.

Pete Lau the CEO of OnePlus who also recently took charge of Chief Experience Officer at Oppo said “We are immensely proud of our flagship products and will continue to create more tech-leading flagships for our users. Now we are excited to share the OnePlus experience with even more users around the world through this new product line.” The OnePlus Nord is listed on the official OnePlus website and Amazon India, with the launch date being 10th July.