Nintendo is launching upgraded Switch Pro game console next year

nintendo is launching switch pro next year

Nintendo is looking forward to launching an update to its game console, Nintendo Switch. The handheld console has been unique and hot selling device since its launch. The ambitious hand-held console from Nintendo was released in 2017, since then it has been selling pretty well until now.

Rumors of the upgraded Switch pro have been in circulation for long. Now the supply chain of the production has confirmed a better display, possibly 4k resolution, and better hardware which will enhance user experience. The Switch pro is in the early stages of production and will hit the market soon, possibly Q1 of 2020. This year, the launches of PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox console have been gaining a lot of attention. However, Nintendo is different from them and has a separate fan base as it is an ultra-portable handheld console.

Nintendo doesn’t have much exclusive title to play, but there are games like Metroid Prime 4 and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is in the pipeline and maybe announced with the new Console. It also has revived the Mario franchise with several games like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Sports Superstars, and Paper Mario: The Origami King, etc.  

Nintendo has sold more than 61 million Switch consoles by July 2020. It will be interesting to see what new Switch Pro will bring to the table next year and how well it carries the legacy of the original Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System.