Microsoft Unveils Dual-Screen Phone

microsoft dual screen android mobile

Microsoft in its annual hardware event introduced a number of new gadgets and a dual-screen phone named “Surface Duo” surprising everyone.

The mobile launch for Microsoft was a mixture of both success and failure. By this we mean, Microsoft has now entered a segment where Samsung, LG, and other tech giants have failed. On the other hand, software-wise it stands to lose as its phone will have Android. This means a solid defeat for the company against another rival - Google.

Despite this introducing a phone with ultra-large screens will surely catch many eyes especially in this era where people are looking for larger screens.

The dual-screen phones were introduced as early as 2011 by many companies but it failed big-time in the market. The latest phone according to Microsoft is one of a kind. But dual-screen phones have been introduced by several companies like LG with its G8X although it has a casing along with it. The Surface Duo phone by Microsoft also has a digital pen (Surface Pen) which is new in this category of phones.

“Make no mistake, this product is a Surface, because of how productive you can be on it. We know, scientifically, that you will be more productive on two screens,” stated the Microsoft product chief Panos Panay.

This can be regarded as Microsoft’s comeback into the mobile space after taking a two-year-long break.