Microsoft announces new features for Office 365 mobile apps to boost its productivity

microsoft announces new features

Microsoft has announced a number of new enhancements for several of its Office 365 mobile apps to help improve user productivity. The software giant is bringing ‘conversational AI technology’ to Outlook for iOS with Cortana. The feature will allow users to do regular tasks and actions such as scheduling, adding participants to meeting invitations, and composing messages using their voice.

The Redmond-based company is mixing human voice inputs with AI to enable its voice assistant to learn about users, their preferences in grammar and recognize their voice nuances, accent, and dialect, it noted in a blog post. The conversational AI feature with Cortana will be initially available in English for Outlook users on iOS in the U.S. with a Microsoft 365 work account, and will later be expanded to the Android users in the coming months.

Also, Outlook mobile and web users will soon be able to add reactions to emails and conversations. Teams mobile app allows users to speak into Cortona in English in the U.S., to make calls, send messages and share files. This voice assist feature will also be rolled in Australia, Canada, U.K., and India.