Lyft to add NYC subway and bus directions to its app

lyft nyc

Lyft, a US based transportation network company will soon add New York City (NYC) subway and bus directions to its app. The app will now show real-time subway and bus information along with City Bike locations.

This feature is designed to keep users engaged on the platform, rather than navigating away to a different app for subway or bike information. This app update shows the locations of nearby bus stations, subways and even docks for City Bike.

The app will also integrate with the Lyft-owned City Bike service that will enable to choose a public transit Citi Bike commute. Lyft is launching this update to its Android app and iOS users. This update is expected to roll out for users by the end of September.

Lyft customers can also see commuter rail options like Metro North, New Jersey Transit, Long Island Rail Road in addition to subway and bus information. The app can only offer directions and information of commute but not the ability to purchase tickets.

According to a report, “This move marks another twist in the ride hailing industry's fraught relationship with New York, which is both home to the world's most heavily used public transportation network and the site of a history of legal tussles between the city officials and companies.”