Apple to supply OLED displays from LG now

iphone oled lg displays

Apple wants to reduce its reliance on Samsung Electronics for OLED screens supply. It will now be getting it from LG Display Co too. LG is reportedly supplying Apple with 2 million to 4 million screens, which is small in comparison to Cupertino.

Samsung is the main provider of OLED screens in the industry, but if Apple’s relationship with LG goes well it could go on to purchase large volumes of screens from LG for its upcoming mobile models. Apple has been in need of a secondary supplier as it would bring down its dependence on Samsung for OLED screens. Further, it would also drive the general market adoption of OLED screens. It will also drive the price for OLED screens down.

The general public has found iPhone X too pricey which hurt its sales but experts say that Apple’s LCD models are selling the most given the lower price point. So, the deal with LG is expected to help Apple price their products better in future. Apple invested $2.7 billion on LG display to build OLED panels for its 2018 iPhones and is expected to get benefits from this.