iOS users can share Reddit posts on their Snapchat now

ios reddit snapchat

Reddit is taking its first step into the social media world and they’ve chosen Snapchat as their accomplice. Users can now share their favorite content from Reddit to Snapchat easily.

Currently, this functionality is only available to iOS users and the latest integration allows sharing of text, link, and image-based posts from Reddit’s “Safe for Work” Communities. According to Reddit, the latest move is focused on bringing in the youth to the Reddit platform.

The Pew Research Center had found that only 22% of U.S adults of the age 18-29 were visiting the site and the major share of about 34% comprised of adults aged 30-49 and 25% belonged to the 50-64 age bracket, a 2019 study of Reddit also concluded the same.

Another major factor is the growing advertising business that is about to cross the $100 million mark this year and thus, with this latest move, Reddit is laying the groundwork for the overall increase in the user demographics.

The latest sharing feature is available only for Reddit users who have Snapchat installed on their iOS device. The users will be able to tap the “share” icon on posts in the Reddit iOS app and then further select the Snapchat option.

It is now possible to share it with a few friends or post it as a snap story as a new sticker which was specifically designed for this integration. If the viewer also has Reddit installed in their mobile they can directly access the app, while those who haven’t would be redirected to the App store.

The company is soon hoping to roll out the same feature for Android users.