Threads- Instagram’s New Messaging App

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Facebook-owned Instagram is launching a new companion app called Threads that lets you message only your close friends. The app lets you quickly share text, photos, and videos with only your close friends. The app also provides passive sharing of your location and status similar to Snapchat.

The camera is the default opening screen in the new app for taking photos and videos and unlike Snapchat there are no filters provided here. Since it has been designed solely for close friends, the mobile app offers a customizable shortcut for them. So, it is possible to instantly access these people by placing their profile photo at the bottom of the camera screen.

Threads have made it really easy to send a picture. Just take your picture, tap the photo and swipe up to send instantly. And according to reports the app functions really well.

If you’ve always wanted to lessen the number of people in your inbox, this is the app for you. The Threads app also has an inbox that resembles the ‘direct messages’ on Instagram. But here the main difference is that it's limited to just your close friends. The messaging functionality includes group chats only if all the group members are close friends of yours.

The app also has a status screen that has two new features called Status and Auto Status that lets you set up an emoji as an away message to your close friends. The aim of this is to let your close friends know what you’re up to at the moment and it also provides an option to opt-in to let Instagram choose an emoji based on various factors.

The Threads app is also very particular about what it shares with others and what the app itself stores and this move from Facebook shows how seriously they’re now taking the issue of privacy.