Find out how much time you spend on Instagram

instagram releases activity dashboard

A new feature from Instagram called Your Activity is an effective tool to check the time you spend on the app and also reduce it. You Activity includes a tool to set daily time limits and an option to temporarily mute the notifications on the app.

Managing time on the mobile device is one of the new features that companies are rolling out. Apple’s Screen Time on iOS and Google’s Digital Wellness are examples. Facebook too had promised last year to introduce a similar feature. Looks like Instagram will be the first to do so before the parent company.

For better Mental Health

You Activity can be found when you click on the icon on your profile page’s upper right corner. Over the past week, the dashboard on Facebook and Instagram show the amount of time a person spends on the app. It’s also newly launched a button to mute push notifications. All these new efforts come in as users and advisors globally believe that spending a lot of time on social media apps can be harmful to mental health.

“Your time on Facebook” is the name of the feature that’s similar to Your Activity. However, Facebook is yet to roll it out globally and hopefully, it does so soon.