Huawei has come out with its own OS

huawei has a backup os

The past year wasn’t great for Huawei. This year so far hasn’t been too good either. As a contingency plan, Huawei has developed its own operating system anticipating that the situation can get much worse.

Accused of cyber espionage, the company has been battling with the U.S government in the courts to clear its name. But as the country lobbies for a ban on the Huawei manufactured mobile phones and other devices, the company had to think about the worst case scenario: what if Android and Windows boycott it too. To be fair, the backup OS has been in works for years now, but the company has now confirmed its plans to go with its own OS if it was cut off from Android and Windows.

The move isn’t very surprising considering the vigor with which the U.S seems to be pursuing the ban on Huawei devices. While the U.S, Japan, and Australia have already banned Huawei’s technology from their 5G networks, Germany though has not complied. The U.S has even warned Germany against not supporting its lobby for the same.

Talking about the backup OS, Huawei executive Richard Yu said: “We have prepared our own operating system; if it turns out we can no longer use [Android], we will be ready and have our plan B.”