Honor smartphones will soon support Google Mobile Services

honor smartphones will soon support gms

Honor, which has just announced that it will be an independent brand from Huawei, will soon get the support for Google Mobile Services. As we know, US Government imposed Sanctions on Huawei which, restricted it from using Google Mobile Services. Initially, both Huawei and its sub-brand Honor had to ditch the GMS and instead ship with Huawei Mobile Services, which is not much advanced. Now, as the Honor brand is independent, it is free from any sanctions imposed on Huawei and thus can do business with any company in the World.

Honor was expected to announce its new V40 5G flagship on January 18, but the announcement date has been pushed back to January 22. The company claimed that it had venue scheduling and equipment issues as the cause of the delay, but some speculations suggest that Honor could have postponed the event so it could ship the devices with Google Play Services out of the box. Without Google Mobile Services, the sale of their smartphones has been declining. The older Smartphones launched with Huawei Mobile Services may not get the GMS, but devices launched hereafter will surely support Google Mobile Services.

The Honor V40is expected to arrive with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset and will have a 6.72-inch OLED screen running the 120Hz refresh rate. The quad-camera will consist of a 50MP primary camera sensor, and the phone will support 66W fast charging by wire and 55W wireless charging. Other detailed specs will be available on January 22, when it launches officially.