Google Is Improving and Expanding the Google Pay App in Singapore

google pay expands in singapore

Google Pay has found widespread adoption in Asia since its launch. Google Pay is similarly a rage in Singapore where the country’s citizens use the app to tap onto public transport and pay for purchases at over 80,000 checkout counters. Now, Google is expanding Google Pay in partnership with new organizations.

To start out, Google Pay is integrating with Singapore’s national real-time payment service called PayNow. With this integration, Singaporeans will be able to send money to anybody within the country provided they have their phone number. This feature was availed to Google’s OCBC customers earlier; now, it is being extended to customers of DBS Paylah! and Standard Chartered Bank. Customers of OCBC, DBS Paylah! and Standard Chartered Bank will also be able to pay businesses if they have their PayNow QR code.

Another new feature that is being added to Google Pay for the very first time is “groups”. Google Pay users can now form groups on the app to organize and manage payments. Google Pay is also adding new features that will allow Singaporeans to split bills when they head out and book tickets and reserve seats from within the app.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to improve Google Pay for everyone in Singapore, building on everything we’ve announced today,” Google mentioned in its blog.