Google Stepping Up the AR Platform

google ar cloudanchor

Google is expanding the use of shared AR experiences with the help of persistent cloud anchors that lasts for an indefinite time on any surface. This process is done with the help of Mark AR, a social app that lets people create AR art in real-world locations.

Google is making this happen with something known as a “save button” for AR that enables the user to store the locations of your creations indefinitely. For example, say you put up an artistic work for people to see graffiti in the street corner – and you don’t want that to disappear in a day. With the help of AR, these stored creations of yours can be viewed by anyone who takes out their mobile phone in the same street.

“By enabling a ‘save button’ for AR, we’re taking an important step toward bridging the digital and physical worlds to expand the ways AR can be useful in our day-to-day lives,” said a Google spokesperson.

Although Google hasn’t confirmed that these “persistent anchors” will be around for a long time, but the ones that are in active use won’t get deleted. Google’s vision on AR is far broader; the company is trying to become a gateway through which people can discover the world beneath the world where layers of user-generated virtual content may exist someday.