LG enters the league of 3D cams for face unlock

face unlock in lg g8 thinq

A lot of reports about the upcoming flagship phone from LG have been surfacing for weeks now. Our latest reports confirm that the phone will indeed be called as LG G8 ThinQ and it’ll come with a Time-of-Flight sensor in its front camera. Earlier reports had suspected that LG would replace the earpiece for an additional camera. That seems to quite true.

The Time-of-Flight sensors basically bounce the infrared light off subjects that are used for 3D object recognition. This is potentially important as it paves way for a safe way to unlock the mobile device with your face. And for all those selfie portraits, the sensors blur the backgrounds to bring depth in the pictures. Moreover, the ToF sensors also have various AR applications.

Behind these powerful sensors, LG is working with Infineon’s REAL3 chip. Although LG isn’t saying much about the software behind running on the phone, it says it’ll deliver “a new level of front camera capability in a smartphone.”

In this league of 3D cameras, there are other players as well. Sony has been working on improving its 3D camera for FaceID for a while now. LG, on the other hand, has said it’ll release the G8 ThinQ phone at the Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona.