Canon wants a slice of the ‘instant camera’ big business

canon launches two instant cameras

Canon’s latest instant cameras, the IVY CLIQ+ and CLIQ, can both save digital photos as well as print them out on ZINK photo paper. Currently, Fujifilm rules the market with its instant cameras outselling its digital cameras by triple-fold.

The small compact cameras, IVY CLIQ+ and CLIQ, both feature a built-in flash, an optical viewfinder, microSD card storage support, auto-expose, and autofocus functionalities, and USB charging. Powered by internal lithium-polymer batteries, both cameras accept 2×3-inch ZINK paper (10 sheets at a time). However, CLIQ+ is a more premium model of the two. The CLIQ+ camera features an 8-megapixel sensor behind the lens, while the CLIQ offers only a 5-megapixel sensor. CLIQ features a small integrated selfie mirror in the front, whereas the entire front lens area of the CLIQ+ is a large 2-inch selfie mirror with built-in frame lines.

The CLIQ+ also offers several other extra features like LED ring light, remote shutter, self-timer, and more; but, the most intriguing of all is that it offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity so that the camera can be paired with a dedicated Canon Mini Print mobile app. The app “features a variety of photo design options such as filters, photo frames, and text to provide a multitude of opportunities to create fierce photos,” Canon says. “Through the app, users can also customize their experience by recording their own on/off and shutter sounds. Users can even set up remote shooting for the ever impressive group photo.”

The 2x3 inch ZINK prints that the cameras use are also sold separately for $0.30 to $0.50 per sheet.  Anyhow, a pack of ZINK paper is bundled with both the cameras CLIQ and CLIQ+ which will be available starting in April for $100 and $160, respectively.