AppLovin announces SafeDK acquisition

applovin acquires safedk

AppLovin, the leading platform for mobile game developers has announced that it has acquired the Tel Aviv-based SafeDK. SafeDK is a company that offers infrastructure solutions for mobile app security, stability, and QoS.

Neither of the companies chose to reveal the financial terms of the deal. Post the acquisition, SafeDK’s software development kit (SDK) management tool which is used by mobile game developers to automate security and brand safety, will be added to AppLovin suite of developer tools. The inclusion will also see MAX header bidding join the suite.

SafeDK is a Tel Aviv-based company which was founded in 2014 by Orly Shoavi and Ronnie Sternberg. Orly Shoavi, co-founder and CEO of SafeDK said: “We are delighted to be working with the AppLovin team to help mobile game publishers grow their businesses. AppLovin has been a trusted partner for the biggest mobile game studios around the world and SafeDK’s technology will strengthen that trust.”

According to the acquisition, the co-founders Orly Shoavi and Ronnie Sternberg will serve as the Co-General Managers of AppLovin Israel. The acquisition will further see the teams of SafeDK and AppLovin work together on integrating SDK management features into the AppLovin platform.