Apple ups iPhone X production with low XS sales

apple ups iphonex production

The iPhone XR and XS aren't hitting the expected sales. Predictions are soaring about how Apple might pull the plug on iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. The latest update is that Apple has resumed the production of the iPhone X. While the slow sales of the latest models are one cause, Apple has yet another reason to push the X model.

Apparently, an agreement with Samsung to purchase a certain number of OLED screens is the reason for the iPhone X push. The slow sale of OLED-equipped mobile models did not meet the expected sales and hence the terms of the deal remain unfulfilled. So, Apple has come up with a different solution for the problem. Apple has turned to the iPhone X and has increased its production. Previously, Apple had stopped the production of X once it released XS and XR.

When it comes to production, the cost of making the iPhone X is way cheaper than the XS or the XS Max. The manufacturing equipments and components are cheaper with the X model as it's already a year old. Moreover, the consumer's budget this year seems to be on the lower end as demands for the iPhone 8 and X are surpassing the demands for the latest models. This isn't the first time that Apple has re-started the production of older models. Whenever demands for older legendary models spiked up, Apple would restart production.