Apple reopening factories as China gets Coronavirus under control

apple is reopening factories in china

Due to the sudden spread of Coronavirus, we know how the supply chain in China was disrupted. All the major businesses worldwide got affected. Apple’s major suppliers, Foxconn and a few others had to shut factories to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-2019 last month.

Now after around two months, Apple is hoping to resume the business as soon as possible. Apple CEO, Tim Cook in an interview with Fox Business said: “China is getting the coronavirus under control.”

Although the new cases are going down in China, few new fresh cases have been reported in South Korea, Italy, and Iran. 

He also said that iPhones are built all over the world; few of their parts come from the US, few key components from China and so on. Notably, the launch of the low budget iPhone 9 is scheduled for 31st March. The supply volumes can be an issue if the factories don’t open up in time. Even the iPhone lineup coming in September has to be procured from now onwards, so that Apple doesn’t face out of stock issues during the launch.