Apple Let’s Independent Businesses Repair Your iPhone Now

apple iphone istore

Apple is getting more lenient towards independent businesses and agrees to deliver genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics that till now only the Authorized Service Providers had access to.

This new policy is in direct contradiction of Apple’s stance before who had always asked customers to repair their phones only from an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

"When a repair is needed, a customer should have confidence the repair is done right," stated Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer.

This move by Apple is aimed towards businesses that can handle common-out-of-warranty repairs such as cracked screen replacements or back glass replacements. This initiative will be started in the US and further move to other countries. The company had already conducted trials of this program in over 20 stores across North America, Europe and Asia.

Independent businesses are free to join the program as long as they have an Apple certified technician to do the repairs, and the certifications process itself is free. If a business becomes part of the program they will have access to Apple parts and tooling at the same cost as Apple centers.

Till now the businesses received a cold treatment from Apple and this had led them to buy parts from the grey market to do the repairs.