Singapore-based AnyMind Group acquiring Pokkt

anymind acquiring pokkt

AnyMind Group has announced that it is buying India-based leading in-app ad platform Pokkt. The Singapore-based marketing firm has not disclosed the price of the deal.

Founded in 2012, Pokkt has increased its presence globally, expanding as far as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The company’s in-app smartphone ad platform is integrated with over 1000 app publishers. Pokkt has over 500 million monthly active users.

Pokkt’s offerings include in-app video ads, rich media, and app performance marketing. It also has robust data and machine learning capabilities that have over 200 advertising partners. Following the acquisition, AnyMind Group will look to integrate Pokkt’s in-app advertising tech stack into its AdAsia Digital Platform.

Commenting on the acquisition, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “There is a strong and immediate synergy between both companies, including product and offering fit, geographies covered and management teams. Both advertisers and publishers across Asia and globally can only benefit from this deal taking place, as we look to scale our combined offerings and open up new value for our customers.”

The acquisition will also increase AnyMind Group’s presence in the region. Now, the company will have 17 offices 13 markets post the acquisition.