Night sight to become one of the camera modes on Pixel

android q beta night sight

Much about the Android Q beta build made its way on to the web yesterday. One of the most important changes that will be seen with the Android Q beta is that the Night Sight will take the place of Panorama for the google camera.

If the leak is credible then as soon as Android Q ships – among the modes that will be available to the users will be Night Sight, portrait, camera, video and much more. The users will be able to swipe right twice to launch Night Sight swiftly. The users can also tap right from the carousel to use Night Sight.

When Google initially launched Night Sight, it wanted to pit itself against iPhone XS. But the latter lacked a dedicated low-light shooting mode. It has been a mystery as to why Google had hidden one of its best camera features until now but the move will surely rouse its enthusiasts.

The Night Sight works on Camera 6.3 which is supported by Android 9 Pie. While 9to5google has reported that they were successful in installing Camera 6.3 on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a mobiles, Google may choose to release an update separately with a future Android Q version.