Like Alexa? You can set it as your default voice assistant on Android

amazon alexa voice assistant android

Alexa users, here’s an interesting update for you. Users can now set Amazon Alexa as their default personal assistant on Android phones. You simply need to hold down the home button on your mobile phone to access Alexa anytime.

This is an important update because previously, the only the other option to swap to another voice assistant was Microsoft’s Cortana. Nevertheless, in order to set up Alexa as the default voice assistant, you need to update the Alexa app first. Then, change the phone’s settings under the category for “Assist apps” and change your selection.

Also, setting up Alexa as the default voice assistant will depend on which smartphone you are using. For now, you can set Alexa as the default voice assistant on Google Pixel 2, One Plus 5, One Plus One, Xperia, Moto G5 Plus, Essential Phone 1, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S9 devices.

Currently, Alexa’s functionality on Android is questionable. Alexa can neither pull up maps nor make native calls. Also, there are limited options for activating Alexa when compared with Google Assistant. For one, you can’t summon Alexa calling its name or squeezing your phone! The only plus point so far is that it can make a quick Google search.