Now Amazon’s Alexa is available for all Smartphones

amazon alexa mobile app

Amazon’s voice assistant – Alexa, is coming to smartphones. This comes with an update that basically adds Alexa to the existing Alexa app. So far, the voice assistant was available on other devices. Now you can use Alexa on your smartphone as well.

Earlier, Amazon had collaborated with smartphone makers. But only a couple of devices like Huawei Mate 9 and Motorola Moto X4 had integrated Alexa. Now, for the first time, it’ll be freely available on almost any device.

However, users need to note that Alexa won’t be able to hear you when the app is closed and you call out the command word “Alexa,” like the Echo devices. This means you need to keep the app open to conjure Alexa listening to you. So unless you open the app each time, it may not be that useful or handy just yet.0020.

However, Amazon feels that having the Alexa app freely available will boost the number of users accessing and making use of the voice assistant. Amazon feels it’s worth it, even if it won’t be able to achieve the same level of hardware/software integration that Google Assistant, Siri, or even Samsung’s Bixby have on their respective platforms.