Alexa Now Available In Your Ears through Amazon Echo Buds

amazon alexa echo buds

Amazon has brought out its champion to go up against Apple’s AirPods by releasing its wireless earphones known as Amazon Echo Buds.

Some of the main specs of the earphones include active noise cancellation and making smart assistant Alexa accessible through the user’s ears. These earphones are relatively underpriced when compared to AirPods.

Till now, Alexa was confined within the walls of a home and was not accessible outside; the latest innovation can be seen as Alexa’s attempt of catching up with the other mobile assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. Amazon also provides the functionality to access inbuilt assistants for their users through their mobile phones.

According to reports, the latest earphones are comfortable in the ears and almost all the basic needs of an earphone have been met by Amazon with its latest release. The Echo Bud uses a Micro USB instead of the typical USB-C for charging and the buds alone can stand up to 5 hours of listening.

But what makes Echo Buds stand out is its Echo, meaning you can call out “Alexa” wake word and it’ll answer to all your requests. The Buds also allows you to access your native assistant through a simple long press of the button provided on the device.