Mobile Networks come together for Secure Two-Factor System

mobile networks come together for secure two factor system

Top US network carriers Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are reportedly coming together to develop a more secure solution for two-factor authentication. Keeping aside the competition, the top companies are trying to find a way to replace traditional text messages as the method for verifying whether someone is trying to log in to an online account. However, it is still unclear what they will be replacing it with.

Two-Factor Authentication?

In case you’re wondering what the two-factor authentication is, here it is. Two-factor authentication or sometimes called as the two-step authentication is a security option that’s been offered by many websites over the past few years. When any user wants to log in, the website sends a text to the user with a unique code every time. The user is required to have his regular account password and also access to their physical phone in order to get into their account.

But now, with the risks of threat and attack lurking at every corner, hackers are finding a way to intercept these codes as SMS isn’t all that secure. Being well aware of this, the mobile network carriers have come together to figure out a solution for this. So far, the companies have said that they will develop an advanced mobile authentication solution that will be able to analyze network activity patterns.