MindMaze brings a gentler and more emotive touch to Virtual Reality

mindmaze brings a gentler and more emotive touch to virtual reality

Mind reading robots can now portray our expressions even before it is actually produced. With the right technology, in both software and hardware, MindMaze, a Swiss founded technology firm, has come up with a product MASK which brings an emotive touch to Virtual Reality.

MASK is a foam-based insert that allows VR headset users to show emotion by reproducing their facial expressions through virtual avatars, and in real time. This technology is based on the concept of Virtual Reality and is entirely different from the face-facing approaches of Google and others. It makes use of the biosignalling methods for translating human expressions.  With the required hardware and software techniques, the system uses foam electrode which is set into a foam base to measure the electrical impulses in the skin.  This is extremely helpful in identifying the human expressions. Avatar’s can mimic the human expression, even before it is formed by detecting the impulses, when a message is delivered to our muscles.  It can reproduce the expression quickly depending on how precise the algorithm is.

The foam insert in VR headset can detect and conform the ‘unique facial shape’ of user’s. So the embedded channels can detect these impulses which are sent from the brain. It can thereby predict the correct emotion and bring it out in the avatar, even before it is formed. According to the current strategy of the company, they are planning to make more users for the product by making the VR headset more adaptable and scale-able for all VR systems. It is said that “Unexpressed emotions will never die.” And we don’t have to wait anymore.