Microsoft’s gets new features and design in public beta

microsofts outlook com gets new features and design in public beta

There is a new beta program for from Microsoft. The new program is an opt-in web-only tester and can be activated through the ‘try the beta’ toggle on the website. It has an overhauled design and will give users access to faster and more personalized email experience.

It should be available to all users worldwide in a couple of weeks. Microsoft plans to test some of the new features through the beta program and bring it into the standard version of Over time, one can presume that the new design will make it to the regular version.

Design Redesign

This new beta makes it the third design iteration of since its launch. A more responsive and modern design has been used as part of the design, Microsoft says. There is also an upgraded search located at the top of the inbox, instead on the side. It can find you your emails and people. In addition, the new design will give users a preview of files and photos in the conversation list. This makes it easier and quicker to glance at a particular email with attachments.

You can even make a favorite list of people you frequently interact with and make it easier to find them. There is also Quick Suggestion feature that gives users info about restaurants, flight data and more. So in case you’re booking an appointment with someone, you can suggest a restaurant through the email.

Another important part of the new design is the inclusion of GIFs and emojis that can be used in the emails. It seems like modern day cannot simply live without them and Microsoft has made sure that it doesn’t stay behind!

Users who do not like the new look have the option to switch back to the older one. After quite a long time, a new design of is here only to show that Microsoft will come with better things.