Microsoft’s latest console, codenamed Xbox Scorpio, is all set to be revealed this week

microsofts latest console codenamed xbox scorpio is all set to be revealed this week

According to the video game news website Eurogamer, Microsoft is expected to talk about its latest Xbox, also known as Project Scorpio, on this Thursday. Earlier, Microsoft couldn’t beat Sony’s PS4 Pro which had better technology to handle VR gaming. But the company now has hopes to give a tough competition in the market with its latest console. It is likely to provide technical specifications of the gaming machine at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox gaming division at Microsoft, says that Project Scorpio will be the next edition of the Xbox One family, and it’s going to be the most powerful gaming console on the market supporting virtual reality technology and true 4K gaming. The reports from Windows Central reveal that it will have a compact design and is comparatively larger than the PS4. The integrated power supply gives the option to include a more capacious 2 TB hard drive. The new controller has textured grips and Bluetooth for easy connection to a PC without adapters. It will also have 6 teraflops of graphical processing and 32 MB of ESRAM with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory on Project Scorpio.

Microsoft has taken care of enhancements for gamers who possess the older versions. They will be able to run the same games on Project Scorpio that could be run on Xbox One or Xbox One S with better graphics. So, with the advancements with the new scorpio, the Xbox team will make sure that a gamer doesn’t buy a new console to keep up.