Microsoft’s Xbox One will shortly save your console settings in the Cloud

microsoft xboxone alpha firmware update

In regard to current generation of consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both Microsoft and Sony enhanced their capabilities with software updates. If we talk of Microsoft, it recently released a new alpha firmware update to Xbox Insiders that allows them to save console settings to the cloud.

Those who tweak every possible setting on their Xbox One to perfection, definitely this will come handy and would save some clicks when replacing a defective console, or when upgrading to a new and improved console (i.e. from an original Xbox One to an Xbox One X). Microsoft said that these settings are applicable during the sign-in process.

But it’s not over yet! Microsoft adds that to your TV and OneGuide settings will also be backed up, which enables a "simple experience when you transition from one console to another using the settings backup to your external games and apps storage device."

Both these additions will be included to Xbox Insiders, there are other niceties tossed in for good measure. The Microsoft store allows you to gift games to your buddies. You'll also be able to gift DLC, Xbox Live subscriptions and even Xbox Game Pass.

Some other features to this latest update is, the ability to add club blocks to the Home screen; finish setup of your new Xbox One while it's downloading Day One updates via the Android Xbox app; new screensaver notifications; and the addition of mini Game Hubs for your frequently used games.