Microsoft plays a pivotal role in helping nonprofits adopt cloud technology

microsoft helps nonprofits adopt cloud

Cloud computing is a technology which helps businesses grow in a fast pace and it has also become an essential tool to all kinds of businesses. Many nonprofit organizations work on a tight margin and for them shifting to cloud is a big challenge.

So, here is where Microsoft plays its role. The company is pledging to donate $ 1 billion in Microsoft Azure cloud services to help apparently 70,000 nonprofit organizations in January 2017. Microsoft also announced the formation of a Technology for Social Impact group that will work to bring cloud services to a total of 300,000 nonprofits in the next three years.

New website will be launched to help nonprofits search technologies and services that can help them. Microsoft Philanthropies GM Justin Spelhaug said “This new team will build the kind of robust ecosystem that today works so well for businesses, to help nonprofits move to the cloud and provide the support they need.”

Microsoft has a thought to get more companies and people use its technology even at no cost. Amazon Web Services cloud service competes with Microsoft Azure in terms of having offers for nonprofits.

Spelhaug in a blog post mentioned Medical Teams International, one of the program’s recipients as an example for how cloud is effective for nonprofits.