McAfee gives a new twist to its existing Cyber security software suite to protect data

mcafee gives a new twist to its existing cyber security software suite to protect data

McAfee, a Cyber security firm refurbishes its anti- virus and security software to reinforce the protection it can provide against present and future hack attacks. This change has the pros of bringing in engine’s ability to tap into cloud-based machine learning and behavioral analytics capabilities to identify the harmful cyber attacks and safeguard the data from damage.

Along with the new anti-malware engine, McAfee’s software suite has provided a new user interface to make it easy to detect the threats on both Windows and Mac machines, and receive personalized suggestions to boost their security.

Enhancements are made for McAfee software on Android, including Wi-Fi security which detects which networks are safe and which aren’t. McAfee has also made the above changes into its Secure Home Platform, Safe Family and Safe Connect lines of software.

This trio of security software is aimed at protecting connected devices in home, keeps away children from misusing websites and digital content, and also avoids malicious eyes from hacking.

Given new cyber threats and hacking techniques seem to get discovered every day; it’s a relief to see security firms continuing to push new capabilities and anti-malware tech into their software.