Best 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Zeta Global: Data-Driven Marketing Powered by AI

Consumers today are more connected than ever before. With seamless internet connections at home and on the go, consumers can now find the information they need with ease anywhere and anyplace. The consumer's navigation trails are empowering how brands sell their products to the consumers. They do this through the incredible means available today to track their customer’s behavior to get the optimal results. And no one does it better than Zeta Global.

Founded in 2007 by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley, Zeta Global has been helping Fortune 500 companies use enhanced multi-channel marketing solutions to help them manage the full customer life-cycle. Based in New York City, the company’s 1,400 plus employees are spread out over 26 offices located all over the world.

Zeta Global is a major player in cloud marketing and competes with the likes of bigwigs like IBM, Salesforce, and Microsoft. But the firm differentiates itself from these giants through its focus that spans the entire customer life-cycle, instead of just focusing on the CRM. They help the big companies find their best customers by integrating the information from the CRM and their marketing cloud through data analytics. This results in dramatic cost savings for companies leveraging Zeta’s technology and helps them make investments in the right places.

Zeta Global’s proprietary data cloud ZetaHub is the leading platform which has a massive collection of consumer profiles that helps its clients from travel/hospitality, financial services, retail, insurance, and media/publishing industries. The ZetaHub platform brings together the power of marketing, data and experience clouds on to a single console which helps those who are using it in acquiring, retaining, and growing their customer relationships. Their data-driven approach delivers continuous ROI improvement and has on average helped its clients increase its page views two-fold, email signups 4-fold, email CTR 3X, and email revenue by 154%.

It has been 12 years since the company’s inception and it has fast become a leader in the cloud marketing space where it competes with the world’s best companies. Fuelled with the combination of proprietary data and artificial technology the company is helping over 750 clients who include big names like Hanes, American Airlines, Sprint, and British Airways attract and retain customers. The company’s commitment to growth is evident as it scales and increases its presence globally year after year.

Meet the CEO

David A. Steinberg, CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Steinberg is a prodigious entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies. Before co-founding Zeta Global, he founded CAIVIS, Sterling Cellular, and InPhonic. In the year 2002, he was named the Greater Washington Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for communications. He is on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington and Jefferson College, Greater Washington Sports Alliance and Faster Cures.

He holds a B.S from the Washington & Jefferson College.

Plaudits and Recognition

-Zeta Global was announced as the “Best CRM Solution for Enterprise” by MarTech Breakthrough in 2018.

-The company’s ZetaHub platform has been recognized in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs in February 2017 and the company was in the magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management in April 2017.

-The Relevancy Group recognized Zeta Global as an industry leader in 2017.

Zeta helps a leading pet retailer unlock value

The traditional retailers today face a lot of pressure owing to the tough competitive atmosphere created by the online distributors like Amazon and Alibaba. Zeta’s client- a leading pet retailer in the country was facing the same conundrum of staying relevant.

The pet retailer offers products and services which are unique to their brand and only offered in-store. So, it was important for them to know whom to target among the consumers so that they could identify those who had the propensity for buying their in-store offerings.

Zeta decided to leverage NLP and Machine Learning to identify the qualified customers by harvesting the behavioural data across the internet. The company goes through 600 million signals each day across 4.5 million websites listening to signals in real-time. In the case of their client, they noticed that 20 million behavioural signals were generated by 3 million of their customers on Zeta’s network each day. They found that the retailer’s existing pet grooming purchasers tend to be highly-active, outdoorsy, and hygiene focused individuals. Through this analysis the pet retailer came to understand who the best target audience would be for their in-store offerings.

With the unique combination of marketing expertise, innovative AI-driven technology and flawless execution, Zeta is laser-focused on improving results to help our clients win.

Zeta’s comprehensive set of solutions helps marketers acquire more customers, keep the ones they have for longer and grow their value over time.

Zeta’s Marketing Platform brings the power of our Marketing, Data, and Experience Clouds to life in a single console.

“At Zeta, we combine an entrepreneurial “make it happen” approach with the strong foundation of practices and processes required to work with a blue-chip client base of Fortune 500 companies.”