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Trax Retail – Helping consumer goods companies to improve operational efficiencies with revolutionary computer vision solutions

Technology enables a machine to perform tasks that can be executed repeatedly with a standard set of instructions without getting tired, thus letting the human mind function and focus on what is more important. Especially in retail, technology gives you the platform to better satisfy your customers by helping you concentrate on their needs. And happier customers mean more business. Small and medium businesses are the most vital part of the economy of any nation. Integrated technology in retail is the best way to stay on top of your business, even if it runs across multiple locations. The aims would be stabilization, positive cash flow, and expansion, in that order. Using technology can give you stability- especially in the retail context where stock-outs can mean lost business.

Trax Retail is one such firm that is the world leader in computer vision solutions for retail. The firm offers best-in-class in-store execution tools, market measurement services, and data science solutions that are fundamentally transforming how in-store retail data is being collected, viewed, and analyzed. With Trax, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers can improve product availability, reduce distribution gaps, identify category opportunities, and immediately increase their sales. The company's unique technology uses image recognition and data science to turn shelf images captured with mobile devices and fixed cameras or robots into real-time actionable insights. These recommendations and predictions help customers measure and monitor their in-store execution performance and unlock revenue opportunities in the marketplace.

Revolutionary products furnished by Trax Retail

Trax Retail Execution

Trax Retail Execution is an in-store execution product that helps consumer goods companies win at the shelf with a comprehensive real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels. Powered by breakthrough computer vision technologies, Trax Retail Execution is a single tool that helps you focus on the right execution, drive targeted actions at SKU, brand and category level, and improve sales effectiveness. It is proven to increase consumer goods sales. The firm has delivered proven business results and drives greater efficiency and effectiveness for some of the world's largest consumer goods brands. With Trax's proprietary computer vision platform, receive accurate, consistent, and actionable insights on your shelf conditions in every outlet.

Trax Retail Snapshot

Trax Retail Snapshot is a crowdsourcing-based store audit solution that provides CPGs a fast, cost-effective way to gain unprecedented insights into merchandising and promotion execution performance. Trax Retail Snapshot powered by the Trax Crowd delivers an objective way of obtaining an episodic view of your shelf and campaign execution at unparalleled speed and scale. By seeing every shelf exactly when you need to see it the most, you can improve promotional compliance, optimize new launches, and focus your retail efforts on the highest value activities. Trax Retail Snapshot unlocks your ability to achieve performance-driven merchandizing that is continuously being collected in thousands of stores across a range of retail channels daily.

Trax Dynamic Merchandising powered by Flexforce

Trax's AI-driven, dynamic merchandising service is a new and better way of merchandising. It is powered by Trax Flexforce, a national, localized, on-demand workforce that provides a flexible solution to your unique execution issues in-store, at scale, and speed. Trax's Dynamic Merchandising combines the power of its leading computer vision and machine learning platforms with a skilled on-demand workforce to address your most urgent store issues. The firm helps you drive up to 20% lift in sales and a 25% increase in retail presence by doing the right work, at the right store, at the right time.

The visionary leader behind the success of Trax Retail

Joel Bar-El is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Trax Retail. He is responsible for Trax's vision and overall market strategy and execution. Before being named CEO of Trax in October 2011, Mr. Joel was Trax's, Chief Technology Officer. Before Trax, he was CEO of Sentryi Limited, a wealth management software company, which after four years of establishment, was sold to IRESS Limited. Joel also co-founded Tersus Software Limited, where he built and managed the global sales channels and marketing activities. Joel previously served as SunGard Business Integration General Manager for the Asia Pacific and later North America, overseeing complete P&L and execution in those regions.

Mr. Joel has a unique ability to envision, develop, and deliver paradigm-changing technologies and is, in every sense, a tech entrepreneur. Joel has spent the last 20 years providing technology solutions to blue-chip clients and holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel Aviv University.

"We are committed to delivering a fast and consistent way for our customers to optimize how their products are executed on the shelf, using our breakthrough computer vision platform."