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Hibob: The HRIS People Management Software

Human Resources Management Systems (HRIS) are important today to manage the growth of companies and their team members. But not all solutions are flexible enough to help in this endeavor. London-based Hibob’s platform fits the bill when it comes to flexibility and a whole lot more.

Ronni Zehavi and Israel David founded Hibob in 2015 to makes sense of the dynamic nature of evolving workplaces. Let’s face it; we are in a world where the value of people is more than just numbers, resources, or talent. So, decisions about them need to be personalized, holistic, and data-driven. The founders at Hibob looked to solve the workplace-related problems by building solutions that can help companies solve their HR-related problems, and help change the world.

Hibob has 150+ employees across its offices in New York, Tel Aviv, and London. Hundreds of businesses including Karmarama, TransferGo, Paddle, and Receipt Bank, use Hibob’s fresh approach to employee experience through its smart app. The software by the company delivers personalized benefits store, helps through its onboarding and engagement tool with seamless integrations which makes it easy for the HR, managers, and employees to join and interact. It is a comprehensive data-driven solution that helps modern businesses attract and retain people for their workplace.

Hibob’s platform has a distinct user-friendly UI that can help companies strengthen company culture by bringing people together to create meaningful professional and social relationships. The platform can help employees create social-style profiles, share news, and acknowledge achievements with kudos or shout-outs. It is a holistic solution that motivates the employees of a company and helps them feel good about their workplace and contribution. 

Helping Playbuzz Communicate

It is not easy to author, distribute, and monetize interactive editorial and commercial content. Publishers and brands all over the world need a platform to drive audience engagement while delivering content. Playbuzz’s platform helps them do this. Their solutions help their clients create stories that are immersive in nature. But the company makes it happen by communicating and coordinating with over 160 employees, and 16,000 partners in over 55 countries all over the world. Hence, the company needed a solution to bridge the communication gap to keep the dialogue between their colleagues and partners seamless and transparent.

Playbuzz chose Hibob as its HR platform of choice to solve all its problem including the internal communication issue. Hibob’s platform gave them:

-A single directory through which people in different locations can communicate with ease

-Evaluations and surveys that employees love doing that are also giving management immediate results

-Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes

-A truly integrated, centralised system with easily accessible data which has reduced mistakes and gaps in communication

“Hibob is helping us handle all kinds of challenges: transparency, data management, creating a fun, outgoing culture,” says Michal Nachmani, VP HR, Playbuzz. Hibob’s solution helped Playbuzz’s HR team by making all of the information they need available centrally on their easy-to-use platform. This has ensured that Playbuzz’s processes run smoothly with better transparency and communication.

Meet the Leader

Ronni Zehavi, CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Zehavi has more than 25 years of experience with SaaS companies. He has co-founded two companies in the past: Team8 and Cotendo. He was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners. Before Cotendo, he was the Senior VP and Gm of Security Division at Akamai Technologies. He has also held an executive role at Commtouch Software. He has served as a member at Shiur Acher nonprofit and Tufin.

He has a MA in Organizational Sociology from Bar-Ilan University and a BA from the Tel Aviv University.


“Hibob helps us to manage our people, our talent and our culture in an effective and supportive way.” – Michal Nachmani, VP HR, Playbuzz

“Hibob’s integration with Microsoft Teams has made our daily work more productive. With key HR actions accessible through a widely-used tool, Teams, our employees’ and managers’ lives are much easier and happier!” – Oded Sitton Project Manager At Waves

“It’s great that the platform is so open and flexible to, well, really anything we do. Something that we really love about bob is the constant transparency - we can always see what’s coming next on our roadmap, which is incredibly handy.” – Sophie Ward, Amido

“We know that when you grow your people, you grow your business. That’s why we created a platform that puts individual employee growth front and center.”

“Our platform was built for everyone. With bob, managers, C suite and teams alike view people as more than just numbers or ID cards, so decisions made about them can be personalized and holistic.”

“Create the future world your best people want by enhancing your company’s unique culture. Go beyond the required by delivering the inspired, through a complete set of engaging tools that bring tribes together.”