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TechNoir Solutions: All Inclusive IT Solutions

In this digital age, IT is extremely important for any business that aspires to grow. But with IT and increased usage of data in a business environment comes the bane of being susceptible to cyberattacks. It is important to have the right partner that can see you through with both your IT requirements and its security. Illinois-based TechNoir Solutions is one of the best partners that you find for IT solutions and security.

TechNoir Solutions was founded in 2012 by a CIO and a Senior Network Engineer who had a combined experience of over 30 years in IT management and network design. The company was founded with its base set in the bustling city of Chicago.

The founders established TechNoir Solutions as an IT consulting service and envisioned it to be that reliable service provider who would ensure that a client’s business objectives are addressed without them having to tackle any IT issues.

In today’s market, IT plays an important role in the growth of companies. IT helps companies evolve and this means that every business needs an IT partner. Well, look no further. TechNoir is here to help you out.

But today TechNoir Solutions is much more than mere consulting service. TechNoir seeks to understand the business objectives of its client’s so that they can implement the right technology to meet these objectives.

All about Smart IT

In a business atmosphere, no one likes to come to an office and from the get-go, tackle IT issues and billing surprises. A lot of businesses spend a lot of time managing the IT manager when that should not be the case. TechNoir came up with a service that it calls Smart IT.

The idea of the service is simple. The company says “set it and forget it.” The company uses its remote computer access system to monitor threats to network, perform maintenance, manage the security of data proactively and prevents problems from happening. The company works 24/7 and 365 days a year to guarantee that their clients get a one-hour response whenever they need help. Moreover, TechNoir never says “we can’t do that.”

Your trusted partner in security

Lot of security companies will promise to make your business invulnerable to attacks. But the truth is everyone and every business is vulnerable to email hacks and data leaks. In such a scenario, how do you protect yourself? TechNoir has got you covered.

TechNoir Solutions offers a unique and holistic IT security service for the small and mid-sized businesses which they begin with a comprehensive security assessment to evaluate how good your business’ current security scenario is. TechNoir Solutions picks it from there and implements the right systems and services which protect your assets in the best way possible. Additionally, the company also educates the employees which empower them to spot potential threats.

Meet the Leader

James Velco, President

He brings his two decades of experience as a senior technology leader to TechnNoir Solutions. He currently serves on the advisory board of EduProtect. He is also a member of Digital Signage Exposition (DSE) Advisory Board and College of DuPage, CIS Advisory Board. He has been a mentor at 1871 Technology Incubator since 2014.

Mr. Velco has also spoken at multiple conferences including the “Digital Signage Campus Content Made Easy” DSE 2011 and “Digital Signage & Mobile Convergence: Taking the Next Step in DOOH” DSE 2012. He also presented at the CALI Conference for Law School Computing. He was the Network Administrator and then the CTO of The John Marshall Law School.

What’s in the Name?

Tech Noir, the term, was coined in the first Terminator movie which released in 1984. The protagonist of the movie, Sarah Connors first encounters the T-800 series Terminator at nightclub called “TechNoir”. This movie quintessentially started the ‘tech noir’ genre. Today, the term tech noir is used in a broader perspective.

Client speaks

“When we decided to work with TechNoir Solutions, we didn’t realize what “managed IT support” meant but once we got on the plan it really worked to minimize downtime and increase productivity. Before our people would have small nagging issues that slowed their productivity until they couldn’t work anymore. Now, with TechNoir Solutions, our downtime has reduced by 90% and the computers are always running because the PCs are constantly updated, rarely have issues and when they do, TechNoir responds quickly with their remote computer access system.” – Mark Rashkow, President of Umbrella One and Ace of Spray

“We know that the best way to serve our clients is to put ourselves in their shoes, and the best solutions are strategically tailored to each individual business.”

“Years of IT strategy and decision-making are at your disposal to work with you and address your business’ needs.”

“Our goal is to provide the support, guidance, and road maps to IT success, crucial for growing companies to adapt and evolve in today’s market. TechNoir Solutions is your long-term partner.”