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Shimon Elkabetz, CEO of ClimaCell, is a zestful leader setting a standard in weather intelligence engine innovation

New communication networks and forecast system innovations and technology have emerged, which provide the opportunity to improve public weather services. These innovations allow weather forecasting firms to provide hydro-meteorological forecasts and warnings in various formats (graphic, digital) beyond the traditional text products. Also, these innovations can impact delivery capabilities. Digital database forecasting and next-generation workstations, along with new and emerging Information Technology (IT) systems and applications, offer the opportunity to enhance further and integrate PWS dissemination and service delivery functions. The concept of digital database forecasting provides the capability to meet customer/partner demands for more accurate, detailed hydro-meteorological fore­casts. Digital database forecasting also offers one of the most exciting opportunities to integrate PWS forecast dissemination and service delivery, which most effectively serves the user community.

ClimaCell is one such firm that helps people manage weather-related challenges with the best information and insights. The firm combines Weather-of-Things data from cell tower transmissions to connected cars with traditional data sources and analyzes it using proprietary, cutting edge models. This allows the firm to forecast hyper-accurate, specific, and customizable reports. The company calls it MicroWeather, and it offers it globally. The company's customers can use their forecasts to make better decisions that impact everything from operations to profitability to safety and quality of life.

Revolutionary services and products provided by ClimaCell

Business decisions powered by ClimaCell

One can get all the right information in one place and avail benefit from global coverage, with minute-by-minute hyper-local weather data including precipitation, lightning, and air quality. It also provides historical, real-time, and forecast for over 20 different weather parameters and map layers with a customized view of weather trends. Using a personalized insights builder, you can define your own set of rules and tolerance levels or use pre-built insights. The customers can get a clear view of where, when, and how the weather will impact your business with a hyper-personalized multi-location view of weather insights prioritized by severity levels.

Global Weather API Platform

The ClimaCell weather API gives you real-time and historical weather data with hyperlocal forecasts around the world. With more than 60 different data fields, including weather, air quality, pollen, road risk, and fire index, you can build almost anything. Improve your project with the Weather API. ClimaCell's Weather API offers both numerical data and map layers with hyper-local minute-by-minute weather, including historical, real-time, and forecast weather data – globally. This weather API takes a unique approach that combines proprietary data derived from virtual sensors such as wireless signals, connected vehicles, drones, and IoT devices, with AI-driven models. ClimaCell's forecasts and real-time data are trusted by top companies such as Uber, United Airlines, National Grid, and more. ClimaCell provides proprietary real-time weather data and 6 hours of historical data in the US based on sensor technology of actual field observations. Moreover, the firm also offers up to 4 weeks of historical station data on METAR-certified and other stations included.

WAI – Weather for AI

Get the most accurate historical weather information for millions of locations worldwide and generate AI-driven insights to train your models and predict weather's impact on your business. Discover the correlation between weather and your business performance and unlock new business insights by training your AI models. The modern weather API provides the most accurate weather and air quality data everywhere in the world.

Health Operations Optimization Platform

HyperCast is ClimaCell's revolutionary weather forecasting platform. In use by companies across weather-sensitive industries, HyperCast provides answers to customers' specific weather questions, allowing them to optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets, reduce losses, and seize business opportunities.

The ardent visionary behind the success of ClimaCell

Shimon Elkabetz is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ClimaCell. He served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years in several managerial and commanding positions. Multiple near-death weather-related experiences during his service stoked a fascination with the weather, that little thing that affects us all. He's also passionate about soccer and can recall any statistic whether you ask him to or not.

Mr. Shimon holds a BA in economics from Ben Gurion University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

"Our mission is to help people and organizations manage weather-related challenges with the best information and insights."