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See where your data can take you with Datavail

Data plays a crucial role in modern business practices. Having access to data at all times and at all places is equally important. This is where remote database comes in. A remote database is physically located on another server system and is always accessible to people to add or edit the data. It's important because it allows everyone to make informed decisions and also drive business growth.

Meet Datavail, a company that’s the largest supplier of remote database administration services in North America. Established in 2008, Datavail is headquartered at Broomfield, Colorado. In a gist, Datavail is a company comprising of data and technology experts. With their vast resources base, Datavail provides services and support for the clients to get them the best of their organizational data.

How does it do this? With its support, development, and services, Datavail helps clients collect, derive, and manage value from organizational data. Plus, with software integration and custom development, the company streamlines the entire process. To achieve this, there are more than 1,000 data and development experts working passionately. All of these experts carry with them years of business acumen, technical expertise, and a true passion and desire to serve clients.

The delivery experts at the firm have designed in-house tools for database care. Built on a software-driven platform, Datavail provides a reliable delivery. Coming to the application performance, Datavail takes care of the monitoring cost-effectively and also handles problems before they have any impact on the operations. With Datavail, you have the potential to turn your data into a competitive advantage to stay ahead in the ever-changing market. It’s always got you covered 24 x 7 x 365 with all important tools including intelligent enterprise solutions, project management support, BI/analytics, remote DBA support, and data management.

Got your back, always

With Datavail, you needn’t worry as it is a single source for application development, integration, and support. This means, you get content management, tracking, governance, and incident management. Portals, collaboration, and customer self-service are features that are delivered, along with intelligent enterprise solutions that seamlessly knit key technologies together.

With its immense and vast resources, Datavail handles, manages, and monitors 300,000+ applications and databases. The company is also a full-lifecycle resource for analytics and EPM with its application services of planning, designing, building, and deploying. EPM and BI Cloud solutions are delivered by Datavail along with data warehousing and data visualization. The company will assist with everything right from planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial closing, and final reporting.

Embodiment of Values

The people working at Datavail are more than just smart and experienced. All of them have incorporated the values of the company, which are:

A desire to serve: Everyone at Datavail have an earnest desire to serve and care for the clients. It doesn’t stop here, but also extends to other colleagues, and every one whom Datavail supports with its systems and databases.

Embodying flexibility with availability: At Datavail, serving the clients takes the topmost priority. But, at the same time, the company understands the employees and encourages a good work-life balance.

Working hard: The people of Datavail are hardworking and proud of it. “At the end of the day, we want to go home proud, not rested,” they say.

Growth-oriented: The people who work here are great no doubt. In order to expand their skillsets, Datavail invests in all of its employees to keep them growing.

Exemplifying low ego: Datavail is happy with a job well done that makes the clients look great. The company believes this is more important than awards and accolades.

Championing Data

Mark Perlstein, CEO and President

Mark is considered a national leader in database support and professional services. For more than two decades, Mark has been a leader in the IT services market and brings a wealth of growth-oriented and operating experience in the services business to Datavail. Mark is an active leader in the IT community and is committed to excellence in service delivery, customer satisfaction and team building inside Datavail. At Datavail, every effort is made to ensure professional development opportunities exist to encourage its employees to continually grow.

Prior being a CEO at Datavail, Mark was President of the IT Outsourcing division of a large global systems integration corporation. He also served as Chief Operating Officer of AlphaNet Solutions, a regional IT services provider traded on NASDAQ and located in the NYC/NJ area. In his career, Mark held various positions in the IT services sector, including serving as President of Aztec Technology Partners $175 million New England-based business unit. His background also includes starting up and then selling a consulting and services firm that focused on the implementation and support of accounting and financial systems of a business he sold in 1995.

He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany where he received a Bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in business administration. Mark also attended Hofstra University’s MBA program from 1988 to 1990.

“We help ‘our people’ grow so they can help our clients grow. That makes us grow so we can help even more customers leverage organizational data for business value.”