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rise-x.io: Our platform Rise-x, enables industrial clients to strip out costs, improve productivity, and increase the carrying capacity of the planet.

We all know that the world’s population is rising and in the coming days, this can pose great challenge to the companies, communities and nations as there will be not enough resources to meet the demand of population. This is where rise-x.io steps in, they address these challenges through the application of digital technologies including cloud services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) to build highly connected, trust-based, decentralized enterprise ecosystems with the capacity to operate autonomously and at a global scale.

We are building a business management system that allows you to do business everywhere, from anywhere, with anyone or anything. We are driving and accelerating the future of work.

The global industrial ecosystem must be re-invented to meet growing demand in a more scalable and sustainable way. That’s why rise-x.io is dedicated in developing novel technology to help industrial clients achieve greater productivity, deliver more with less and elevate the carrying capacity of the Planet.

We conversed with Rowan Fenn, Co-Founder and CEO to get a better understanding of the company.

Q. It is quite difficult to achieve success in every product that is developed. How do you overcome failures?

Failure and winning are absolute terms that apply to finite goals. The concept of failing and winning is complimentary to learning and growing, but learning and growing are much more long term, less absolute objectives which serve and infinite purpose. One of our core values is Curiosity. We encourage our people, and our partners to be curious, to be led by the strong desire to know or to learn something. We encourage our people and our partners to experiment and, in doing so, not to be discouraged by the risk of failure but to embrace it as a pathway to knowing and learning. We are driven by a clear and infinite purpose, to increase the carrying capacity of the planet. There is no other way to pursue this purpose than to fail and fail and fail until you get there. You could say that taking risk exposes you to increases chances of failing, or you can say that taking risks exposes you to a guarantee of learning. He who dares… Wins!

In short, exceeding expectations. We are young, we run lean, and we are obsessed with customer happiness. It is the fuel that keeps us in the game, and it is our number one metric. Happy customers see value in the technology and the team. They see an opportunity to be different, to transform, and to thrive in markets which are becoming increasingly marginal. Happy customers win, and winning customers pay to keep winning. This allows my team and me to continue to work towards our purpose to increase the carrying capacity of the Planet. We are committed to exceeding expectations and to continuing to do so. Our story depends on it!

Q. How do you deal with the “never ending change” in digital transformation?

Change has always been and will always be a constant. Fortunately, millions of years of evolution means that we are quite capable of dealing with constant change. In nature, constant change and adaption is the only strategy to ensure survival and when you cannot change or adapt fast enough, you go extinct. Every mature business is staring extinction in the face. Like fighting aging, extinction is inevitable the question is not if it’s when.

Technology affords companies the ability to better manage trade-offs between risk and agility. When markets are dynamic and shifting more rapidly, technology helps you adapt more quickly by providing you with capabilities that allow you to manage the change better. We are in a sense offering our customers an opportunity to adapt faster, become more agile, re-imagine their structure, and evolve. As the pace of change increases, more companies are coming under pressure to adapt faster than they would like. In the corporate extinction boom, we are selling shovels. Companies that take risk – that drive change that bring the future forward faster, these are the companies who will live to see the next day. Those who do not will go extinct. We are not an exception!

Q. What are the important issues that can be addressed with your tools and solutions and what is your approach?

Every product we build for industry is designed to enable clients to do more with less to increase the carrying capacity of the Planet.

Our approach is simple. We Use existing and emerging technologies to develop simple, gorgeous systems that digitalize existing business processes and automate mundane, administrative work. Once we have done that, it opens a new world of opportunities for driving exponential productivity gains as clients unlock the opportunity to drive workflow automation at an ecosystem level. Put another way, it allows companies to explore optimization beyond the enterprise level. 

We task the digital world with taking care of business as usual to allow people to focus on the future and to interface with the virtual world to optimise resource productivity at an ecosystem. We want to increase the utilisation of human creativity, today an extremely underutilised resource.

We want to set people free from and provide every person with the opportunity spend their time, energy and creativity on addressing the worlds more pressing challenges.

Q. Do you conduct “user research” to work on providing better user experience?

Absolutely! More than that, we partner with companies who are committed to accelerating their own destruction to ensure their long-term survival and we build the future together. All our products have been developed under Joint Venture Commercial arrangements, so when we say we partner, we really mean it. The companies we partner with are the users and we set about building the future together. We work with companies who have shared values and we work in the pursuit of our common purpose which is to increase the carrying capacity of the planet. We put skin in the game together with our partners and we embrace the opportunity to fail together, learn together and ultimately to grow… together!

Q. What are your future plans for the growth of your company?

We are focused on developing our platform to be more consumable by making it completely adaptable and configurable to suit any use case in any supply chain. We are working hard to give ourselves the best opportunity to scale this technology in as many applications as possible. And by doing this we think can expand our reach further into markets we are already operating in and across into markets yet to be explored.

Embrace the luminary

Rowan is the founder and CEO of rise-x technologies in Australia building the DIANA Platform. He is excited by the scope and scale of the opportunity to re-invent the global industrial ecosystem. “Never before has an opportunity so massive presented itself on a timeline so minute, driven by an imperative so existential.” Prior to starting rise-x.io, Rowan worked At Accenture and Deloitte in the global energy industry, where he had the privilege of working with the world’s largest and most admired companies in geographies around the globe.

"We are committed to the application of new and emerging technology to help industrial clients improve productivity, deliver exponentially more with exponentially less.”