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PeerStream: Enables Clients to Leverage the Power of Blockchain

Communication is one of the most critical factors of every organization. Having effective communication between people can make or break a company. Technology has played an important role in building effective platforms for good communication. However, in the era of massive privacy and security breaches, people are slowly losing their faith in communication platforms. Worry no more; PeerStream is here to provide you with a secure and private multimedia communication platform.

You might be wondering what’s so unique and promising about PeerStream’s technology. It is. The company effectively utilizes blockchain technology, recent innovations, and multi-layered encryption to design and develop the proprietary PeerStream Protocol (PSP) platform. This is where clients get their maximum confidentiality, increased data security, and enhanced privacy over distributed or decentralized networks.

The pioneering technology from PeerStream provides governmental and enterprise organizations with heightened privacy and security communication solutions. As a communication software innovator, PeerStream also innovates, designs, and develops enhanced solutions for voice, text, data transmission, and video applications.

PeerStream Solutions

PeerStream believes that business objectives can be advanced when you integrate blockchain solutions. Here’s a list of solutions that the company delivers:

  • Blockchain Strategy Consulting

The diverse industrial economy of today can be even more advanced with blockchain. But not everyone is easily imbibing the technology into their solutions. They aren’t able to fully realize the potential of blockchain integration like data integrity, scalability, cost savings, security, etc. This is where PeerStream steps into the picture by harnessing the transformational benefits of blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain Implementation

Once the client has set their mind to leap into blockchain, the talented team of developers from PeerStream, along with project managers builds an implementation plan. All the phases including designing, developing, testing, and deploying are handled by PeerStream staff.

  • Whitelabel Video Solutions

We’ve established that PeerStream is an expert when it comes to video communications. There are hundreds of millions of users to credit this. The proprietary video delivery platform from the company comes as a plug-and-play solution- so developers who wish to integrate a live video experience into their communications apps can easily do so.

  • Technology Licensing

PeerStream channels all of its resources in blockchain technology and to develop PeerStream Protocol (PSP). This assists clients with the most advantageous distributed technology strategy. Clients can further build, test, and then deploy solutions in public or private blockchains. In addition to this, you can “build a proprietary enterprise layer as a companion to PSP to add additional functionality, which would be available for a licensing fee,” informs the company. “Other video delivery services comprise the third dimension of PeerStream’s licensing business.”

  • Support

Providing technical support for clients at all times is very crucial for company growth and PeerStream always provides service. Plus, when it comes to PSP integration, there’s also a premium service support, which is also extended to support blockchain and media delivery technologies.

Securing Communications

On a recent note, the company also launched its Backchannel product suite in private beta. This suite comes with SDKs, cross-platform applications, etc. Designed to provide a highly secure end-user communication experience, the Backchannel product suite reaches exponential heights when it’s coupled with PSP.

For nearly 20 years, PeerStream has continuously built, operated, innovated consumer application and also holds 26 patents. This includes innovative solutions like Camfrog, Paltalk, etc. which are categorized as two of the largest video social communities. The long history of technology has created a rich foundation for the company and we’re certain more years of innovative growth from the company will follow!

Success Story: ProximaX

This advanced extension of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – ProximaX, can be described as advanced utility that’s rich services and protocols. Innovators, business enterprises, and others can all prevent expensive and failure-prone centralized architecture with ProximaX. They can achieve this by making good use of an all-in-one sustainable platform. With this, you get content delivery, augmented secured services, media streaming, storage, etc. “ProximaX will utilize PeerStream Protocol (PSP) to provide the P2P messaging, online presence, routing and real-time multimedia streaming.”

Pioneering Innovation

Alex Harrington, CEO

PeerStream has a confident and experienced leadership team consisting of industry experts who bring with them decades of experience in the field of high-tech, entertainment media, social networking, broadcasting, etc. It’s a perfect combination of dedication, experience, and innovation. As part of this team is Alex Harington, the CEO of PeerStream. He’s well-known for his track record of multiple successful start-ups and exits and a tech company founder, leader, and advisor.

As a growth company executive, he has a deep background in general management, new business development, direct marketing, and finance. Prior to PeerStream, he was the CEO of MeetMoi, one of the first social/local/mobile services, that was bought by Harrington also co-founded Indicative, a business analytics SaaS start-up launched in 2013. In addition, he has also served as the SVP overseeing Digital/Technology and Bus Dev at Zagat (bought by Google). Harrington’s specialties include mobile, internet, blockchain, start-up growth, etc. 

“PeerStream's pioneering technology offers heightened security and privacy solutions for enterprise and government communications over distributed and decentralized networks.”