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Pangea Global Services: Potential Partner for a B2B business

The primary goal of every company in the market is to achieve long-term sustainability. Over time, a company aims to grow its sales and maximize its profits to gradually strengthen its position in the market. But not to forget, it is essentially the quality of services and products that determines a company’s sustainability and it is something that every company strives to achieve. But these things come later. To begin with, a company needs customers to cater to. After all, generating and maintaining a strong customer base is what keeps a business running smoothly. And for this to happen, people need to know about a company’s presence in the market. Aggressive marketing of the company and their business is the way forward in such a scenario.

This is where Pangea Global Services steps in. It helps a company in growing its business, with its promising marketing strategies. Pangea is one of the most rapidly growing B2B companies in the market which offers various marketing strategies-based services. Although some of the services offered by Pangea Global Services are E-Mail Marketing and Tele-Marketing for B2B Lead Generation strategies, it would be more appropriate to consider it to be a company that is centered on Market Research. The company aims to offer tailor-made package of services to help its clients achieve optimum results in their respective businesses.

“Pangea’s mission is to deliver its clients a handful of strategic outsourcing solutions which create value for your core business strategies.”

Services offered at Pangea

A company that strongly believes to put quality before quantity, Pangea Global Services is committed to the quality of services it offers its clients. The company tends to understand the needs of its clients and helps them grow their business by offering appropriate marketing strategies that targets the right audience at right time. Pangea has diverse marketing strategies, each of which has a specific role and is offered depending upon the need of a client’s business. Here is a list of services offered by Pangea Global Services:

E-mail Marketing: It is a marketing strategy adopted to increase brand awareness through e-mails. The strategy also proves beneficial while targeting potential customers. Pangea Global Services believes e-mail marketing to be a potential strategy that, if done efficiently and effectively, can bring wonders to the business. With this belief, e-mail marketing services at Pangea Global Services help clients target their key audience in no time. The strategy is aimed at understanding the needs of clients business and then design the templates as per clients’ specifications and requirements

Lead Generation: A lead is someone who shows interest in a company’s products or services and can be possibly converted in to a customer in future. Lead generation is a process of attracting and acquiring leads with an aim of nurturing them throughout the buying process to convert them into customers. The lead generation service at Pangea aims to identify the prospects of its client’s business and turns them into paying customers through nurturing

Lead Nurturing: Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with the buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. The strategy focuses marketing efforts on listening to the needs of the prospects and providing them appropriate information they need. At Pangea, the leads are constantly analyzed and tracked. The lead nurturing service at Pangea provide relevant information to the queries of its client’s customers and  nurture them throughout their buying process so that they can be ultimately converted into its clients customers

Account Based Marketing: Account Based Marketing is a marketing strategy which allows the marketers to target a set of accounts with focused sales and marketing strategies rather than targeting the whole industry or market. Account Based Marketing services at Pangea Global Services tends to align ‘business’ and ‘success’ and targets only those accounts that are likely to try products and services of its clients. Pangea tries to design its client’s account based marketing strategy keeping in mind their requirements

Data Mining: It is a process of interpreting and analyzing a huge set of raw data. It also involves identifying hidden patterns in the data set to make better decisions that help in improving the performance of the business. The team at Pangea Global Services aims to design data mining applications by efficiently collecting and examining raw data which not only help its clients to define their key audience but also achieve business goals

Market Research: Market Research is one of the most important strategies adopted by the marketers as the very first tool to study the market. This lays the foundation for the business model of a company. An effective Market Research facilitates business growth and expansion. At Pangea Global Services, innovative market research services are offered to clients to solve their common business problems efficiently and effectively

Content Syndication: This is another marketing strategy where content is re-published by a third party website. This strategy helps to significantly improve brand awareness and SEO performance thus bringing more qualified prospects to the business that were earlier not aware of its presence in the market. The team at Pangea Global Services helps its clients to connect with the right kind of audience with the assistance of their web syndication strategy

Tele Marketing: Telemarketing campaigns like appointment setting, lead generation, whitepaper, and webinars, are some of the big initiatives of Pangea, used as marketing strategies to help a business increase their sales. It is a very important part of a company’s lead generation process. Pangea Global Services, with its well thought out appointment setting services, helps to set appointments for its clients that contribute to the client’s sales growth

Meet the Leader

Prashant Pednekar is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pangea Global Services. He has earned a degree in mechanical engineering followed by a Master’s degree in International Sales and Marketing from Harvard School of Business post which he was hired as the youngest Vice President by a leading Bank. He carries a total work experience of nearly 15 years and has worked with some of world’s leading multinational firms at senior positions based out of US, UK and Asia-Pacific region.

Awards & Achievements

-Pangea Global Services was awarded as top 10 brands in Research Industry by Inside Success

-Pangea was listed as India’s top 10 Market Research firms by a leading business magazine

-Prashant Pednekar, the CEO and Founder of Pangea, was honored with the award of Young Achiever of the year by   World Leadership Foundation in 2016

-Prashant Pednekar was the youngest Vice President of a leading bank to win the CNBC Financial Award

“Pangea Global Services ensures authenticity and transparency in its surveys by drafting questions that are short, crisp, non-ambiguous and close-ended.”

Pangea’s mission is to deliver its clients a handful of strategic outsourcing solutions which create value for your core business strategies.”