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Ozonetel: Delivering Contact Center Innovation Since 2007

Seamless communication infrastructure within your business can enhance productivity and brand recognition dramatically. However, an integrated cloud telephony solution can quickly pile up your communication bills. Be it, customer, to business, business to customer, or employee to employee, your lines of communication must be online at all times. Cloud telephony gives you the ability to boost your internal and external communication without any substantial expenditure. From Bulk SMS & IVR to event-based calling and call recording, the cloud telephony solution is a one-stop-shop for your organization.

Ozonetel is a leading Cloud Telephony solution provider. The firm enables businesses to communicate effectively via all the channels, i.e., voice, email, social media, SMS, chat, on one platform with no capital investment. The firm helps to contact the center, provide call management tools, analytics tools to monitor and track customer interaction. Marketers also use their platform to run innovative, customized marketing campaigns like miss call campaigns, SMS campaigns, email campaigns, and more. The firm is known for developing and launching the first cloud-based customer experience platform in the Indian marketplace.

Innovative products furnished by Ozonetel

Cloud Call Center Solutions

Ozonetel is amongst the only solution providers in India who offer cloud, hybrid and on-prem options. Each solution is built to optimize efficiency, whether your business needs a blended call center, inbound call center, or an outbound call center. Access a complete call center by merely logging into any web browser. Not only do you incur zero infrastructure costs, but it's also easy to enable remote working agents and supervisors. Plus, you can go live instantly in 24 hours or less. Ozonetel's hybrid solution lets you route calls across multiple locations via the cloud, while still keeping all your data on-site. One can use options such as speech recognition, drag & drop IVR, self-service, and more to deliver the quick, personalized responses your customer wants. Dashboards update every 5 seconds, giving supervisors control over call queues and agent performance across multiple campaigns in real-time.

Customer Communication Solutions

When you make it easy for customers to connect with you at critical stages of the customer journey, it drastically improves the customer experience. That's why hundreds of startups, eCommerce businesses, and online retail stores use Ozonetel's scalable solutions to drive customer happiness, loyalty, and a lifetime of referrals. It helps improve CSAT by reducing wait times, personalizing every interaction, and empowering agents with the tools they need to solve problems faster. Centralize your customer support with a single toll-free number. Easily route calls based on time of the day, day of the week, or traffic loads to a centralized support center or remote working agents.

Student Communications

The Company's cloud contact center solutions have been used across universities and eLearning businesses to boost enrollments by 40% and increase ROI on advertising by 70%. Ensure that leads are contacted within 24 hours or less by setting up alerts. Track how soon lead was called, and how many retries were made, or schedule calls in dialers—track ROI on every ad campaign. One can automatically route candidates to an assigned counselor and automate outbound calling, and schedule retires. Dialers help counselors dial-out their call lists 250% faster. Schedule any number of retries before declaring a lead invalid as the firms call center is cloud-based. It needs no hardware or software to setup. Or pay per use solution lets you quickly scale up or scale down as per seasonal demands.

The visionary leader behind the success of Ozonetel

Murthy Chintipalati is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ozonetel. He has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and has built building new ventures. He ensures that the clients have the best software to improve customer satisfaction and agent experience. Mr. Murthy founded Ozonetel by leveraging his team's core strengths to solve the most pressing enterprise communication challenges. Even after a decade leading Ozonetel, he makes a point of being available in real-time to address clients' needs.

"We give SMBs and large-scale companies in the U.S. access to affordable, flexible, self-service contact center platform with the industry's fastest deployment times and easiest CRM."