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Open iT, Inc. produces industry-leading software metering and optimization solutions

Open iT was established in 1999 and has places of work in the America, Europe and Asia. The enterprise creates software program for IT resource monitoring, reporting and optimization. Its software program and strategic consulting permits customers to achieve control over their IT resource use, reduce fees and waste, and improve the reliability and overall performance of their IT assets. Its mission is to help organizations round the globe minimize the fee and complexity of managing company IT assets. Open iT is a main provider of advanced hardware & software utilization reporting and optimization solutions.

Open iT software allows absolutely customizable usage reporting, granular chargeback for hardware and software usage, and automated, industry-leading license harvesting abilities throughout Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. Open iT metering and optimization equipment equip Software and IT Asset Managers with superior usage metering throughout license managers, such as FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel/Abaqus, and many others, in addition to different purposes and internet applications not using license managers.

Products for you

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer

It is a software utilization metering and optimization device that affords an enterprise-wide overview of established software packages managed by most software program license managers.
The LicenseAnalyzer module cuts software program license fee and reduces utilization waste with the aid of monitoring software program use.

Manage the highest priced applications such as MATLAB, CATIA, ANSYS, ESRI and Autodesk software. Simplify software asset management with easy-to-use, web-based monitoring facets and flexible reporting skills of LicenseAnalyzer.

Open iT ApplicationTracker

It is a software asset management solution that monitors activity levels of all applications on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. ApplicationTracker™ has advanced reporting abilities and enables monitoring of software usage, independent of licensing method, allowing agencies to control even wider choices of high priced software, such as CATIA, MATLAB, Solidworks, ANSYS, MATLAB, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Autodesk, ESRI, Dassault Systemes Software Suite and many others. ApplicationTracker generates reviews showing specific usage of CPU and elapsed time, keyboard, mouse and I/O usage, portraying every application, the place and when it is running, and who is running it.

Customer satisfaction is valued

Nissan Motor Corporation

Nissan Motor Corporation Limited is a top Japanese automaker. They produce low cost, fuel-efficient vehicles, the use of high first-class engineering tools. For production simulation and design, Nissan’s engineers use high-priced Computer Aided Drafting and Engineering (CAD, CAE) software applications.

To enhance commercial enterprise processes, Nissan investigated Open iT as a solution in order to reduce software license prices without compromising projects/jobs. Just by metering software usage, they were capable to take away unused licenses, and get greater control over new software investments.

Challenges encountered

This Fortune Global 100 business enterprise had been in the manufacturing commercial enterprise for a lengthy time, and had accumulated numerous IT assets. As the corporation grew, increased numbers of employees required more software. The numerous software licenses received led to higher operating costs, mostly dueto additional software apartmentprices and increased maintenance expenditures.

The present IT machine used a computerized software license counting process, where a log file was once mechanically scripted. The CAD and AE applications streamlined the job with the aid of uniting the script that automated the whole processing of the log. However, it took two to three days to analyze each module in detail. Too much time and work used to be required to manage and reveal software program license usage rates.

Open iT, a success!

Open iT was once selected as software metering answer due to the fact it possessed the useful capability and reliability needed, and high customer support provided by Daikin Industry. After a six month trial period, Open iT was completely installed and integrated by March, 2006. Open iT metered license usage at Nissan’s Technical Center, their Design Center, and the Yokohama factory. Software usage was metered frequently, and the data was processed quickly by the Open iT server located at Nissan headquarters.


An important part of Nissan’s business plan included improving user efficiency. Based on experience from past operational results, executives decided that detailed analysis of IT usage reports would not only improve usage rates but could be used to improve user efficiency as well. Open iT’s reports were available for all users, and showed actual usage data including each application’s hourly and daily usage. Visualizing and communicating usage rates resulted in greater user awareness of wasteful practices, and of the need for increased efficiency.


“Open iT provides justification for our user community. Our company treats us as a vendor, so we must prove ourselves. Open iT justifies why we need particular modules to support our business needs.”

B.B Japanese Automotive Manufacturer

“Open iT Software has helped us manage costs as we expand the business, supporting and supplying the needs of our highest producers. We could not have done this without a tool like Open iT LicenseAnalyzer. It meters usage 24/7, always hard at work for us, analyzing and providing data for optimizing our software resources, even as we reduce or expand our activity levels. This is not a once a year job!”

Dan Shearer, Manager Technology Enhancement, Burlington Resources

Embrace the luminary

Eistein Fosli is the Founder and CEO. His utilitarian solutions for resource optimization, garnering savings, and strategic organizational management have paved the way for the success of Open iT, Inc. The company's decade-long position as a market leader is a product of his rich experience: theoretical knowledge gained through a Master of Science in Informatics from University of Oslo, combined with 10 years of operational support and training as consultant for Statoil, Hydro, Shell and Telenor.

“Software application publishers use Open iT for recognizing sales revenue based on the actual metered use of software at the customer site or in a cloud environment.”

“Many Fortune 500 companies in Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, and other engineering-based markets use Open iT to fully understand and manage their true use of application software across the organization.”