Netwise Resources: For Stress-free Managed IT Services

The modern companies of all industries are slowly learning the value of Managed IT Services. Be it IT consulting or infrastructure or anything between, businesses of all sizes are depending upon IT service providers. The best part of managed IT services is that it allows organizations to concentrate on core business objectives.

And this is exactly the goal of Netwise Resources. Netwise Resources provides a wide array of different IT services such as data backups, IT consulting, managed IT services, to name a few. Be it day to day support or managed security, or even disaster recovery services in the SMB marketplace, Netwise Resources covers it all.

“The core of Netwise lies with our ITIL based service desk, which provides client support and systems monitoring, any time you need it,” says the President of Netwise, Mark A. Gibson. The goal of the company is to make the clients more productive, reduce their cost of IT overhead, and help them compete more effectively in their respective marketplaces.

Triumph over the Years

Netwise Resources has been up and running since 2000. In April of 2017, Netwise Resources LLC was acquired by Visual Edge Technologies. However, it retained the name of Netwise Resources. As a whole, Visual Edge has over 1000 employees working as a team to deliver imaging, document management, telecom, and IT solutions into the office in North America and there about 100 employees in Visual Edge’s family devoted to delivering Managed IT Services.

Speaking about the company, Mark says, “we are building out a regional NOC structure with the Netwise Resources brand to our operating subsidiaries in over 40 locations.” Currently, Netwise Resources owns the largest independent Xerox dealers in North America, as well as 17 other companies representing a variety of MFP and Print manufacturers. Each of these locations operates under their local identity with IT Solutions ‘powered by’ Netwise Resources.

Moreover, the new partnership between Netwise Resources and Visual Edge Technologies has provided resources to integrate Netwise’s IT services blueprint into over 20 established Office Equipment (MFP) companies across the United States. Also, Visual Edge is fully integrating Managed IT Services into each of these companies, taking the combined client count to over 70,000.

The Three Pillars of Success

Mark believes that People, who are the employees of Netwise, are one of the prime factors for the success of the organization. “I was told by a mentor over 40 years ago that there is nothing I can achieve in this world without the help of other people,” says Mark. “This has stuck, and I have leaned into this philosophy ever since.” His goal has been to empower the employees to make decisions and also to fail. “In failure, we always learn and go to a new level,” he notes.

Apart from the employees, Mark considers the company Partners as another important pillar of the organization. “Since our founding, a core principle is we would represent best of breed technologies,” he explains. This is the reason why the partnership with Microsoft has been priceless since day one. “We drink the Kool-aid with regards to products, certifications, and best practices!”

Additionally, Mark also considers his clients as the lifeblood of the company. In fact, the company is proud to have been working with some of the same clients since the company foundation. After Netwise began delivering Managed IT Services in 2005, client retention rate has reached over 90%.

For a Successful Tomorrow

The reason behind Netwise Resource’s product popularity is that it provides solutions that are predictable and repeatable. Moreover, the full suite of Managed IT Solutions provides the clients with reliability and security to work 24/7. The clients are also well aware that the data is flowing quickly and securely. Moreover, the partnership between Netwise and Visual Edge has expanded its services nationwide into a customer base of over 70,000 current clients.

Speaking of the future, Mark says, “We have planned organic growth through 2020 of over $60 Million in Managed IT Services.” The company also plans to continue to be on the lookout for best in class Managed IT Providers that can complement its services in the right geographies.

The future will also see the Netwise Resources bringing out new Managed Security offerings that provide 24/7 security monitoring and remediation services. This solution offering will play well with other Microsoft centric solutions that keep the clients secure and productive in the office and in mobile environments.

Wall of Fame

As the President of Netwise Resources, Mark and Netwise have both been recognized as Microsoft’s 100 most influential partners and MSP 501’s top global 200 Managed IT Service Providers, and CRN Pioneer 250. Under Mark’s leadership, Netwise has been recognized by the Small Business Administration as an outstanding diverse small business and has been featured as an SBA success story in numerous publications across North America.

Meet the Leading Force

Mark A. Gibson is the President of Netwise Resources. He possesses over 36 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, and executive level business experience, with 34 years of experience in the office solutions and office technologies sectors. Most significantly, Mark is the founder and still holds the title of President of Netwise Resources, Inc., which has been recognized as a worldwide leader in Managed IT Services since 1999.

Under his leadership, Netwise has been recognized by the Small Business Administration as an outstanding diverse small business and has been featured as an SBA success story in numerous publications across North America. Even after the acquisition by Visual Edge technologies, Mark continued to lead the company as Vice President and General Manager of Managed IT Solutions for Visual Edge. In this capacity, Mark is able to utilize his vast experience and knowledge in office technologies and solutions to integrate Managed IT Services into Visual Edge’s Client base of over 70,000 clients nationwide.

“Since our founding, a core principle is we would represent best of breed technologies.”