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Natuvion announces a legal and compliance package for SAP solutions

For the first time, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) used new powers to fine companies that break laws protecting consumers’ data. British Airways and Marriott Hotels were charged with fines totaling almost £300m. The importance of data privacy and legal compliance for the multiple regulatory frameworks and regulations should not be underestimated, and definitely not ignored. In addition to EU-GDPR, many new regulations are coming into force, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, Chinese Data Protection, and—on August 14, 2019—Brazil signed the new General Data Privacy Law(LGPD).

For many business reasons—not just fines—Natuvion has discovered that companies are starting projects to analyze and manage their data and related business processes. These projects are typically led by legal teams and supported by IT, as well as the business. This evolved project and business process needed a new type of consultant to provide support.

Natuvion’s privacy consulting experience can help your organization gather and document relevant information using the SAP Privacy Governance application, which helps companies collect all processes where personal related data is processed. This addresses the requirements of article 30 EU General Data Protection Regulation and assesses the risk in a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Natuvion’s unique expertise is to provide services in implementing the SAP Data Privacy Governance application.

How does this compliance package work?

With EU-GDPR and other legal requirements, a company needs to have the framework, processes, and documentation to address Personal Information Management Systems. The SAP Privacy Governance application provides a solution to cross define and manage the many regulatory frameworks and regulations defined by IT, security, and legal teams that Natuvion has built their expertise around.

Businesses can distribute customized policies and use the regulation app built on SAP Cloud Platform to define regulations in order to guarantee employees are handling personal data correctly under all legal guidelines the company needs to follow.

Natuvion’s legal and IT experts help define these guidelines with a project roadmap, and help identify the data tools that can search and find 99% of the personal data stored in the businesses landscape.

Coupled with Natuvion’s extensive knowledge in SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), consisting of experience with over 120 customers, Natuvion complements the SAP Privacy Governance team by offering years of experience in implementing an automated and accelerated approach to deleting, archiving, and blocking personal data across large SAP and non-SAP IT landscapes.

With over 100 specifically cross-trained IT/Legal consultants and project managers, Natuvion combines a pool of technical experts with a pool of lawyers to handle all compliance topics, including implementation of the SAP Privacy Governance application.

For more details about the partnership between Natuvion and the SAP Privacy Governance team, sign up for our free webinar series designed to deliver strategies, resources and training to with data privacy programs and SAP S/4HANA® data transformations.

Natuvion’s SOPHIA Data Search Tool: As an initial process of identifying the personal data that could put companies at risks if used outside of the different regulatory frameworks, Natuvion’s “Sophia” is run across an entire landscape to identify all personal data that needs to be handled. This step is critical. Companies with over 15 different connected systems often find personal data in areas they never knew was being stored.

Natuvion’s Data Subject Request App (DSR app): Used to support both EU-GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, the DSR app helps automate and manage the full data subject request lifecycle, from intake to fulfillment and record-keeping. The DSR app also maintains a complete record of all actions taken and communications to demonstrate compliance to regulators. This app was built on an SAP Cloud Platform and co-innovated with SAP and addresses the problem many companies struggle with when having to manage requests from customers employees to delete or request their data.

To enroll and receive the latest information sign up here: https://info.natuvion.com/transformation-webinar-series

"Natuvion’s privacy consulting experience can help your organization gather and document relevant information using the NEW SAP Privacy Governance application."

"Natuvion combines a pool of technical experts with a pool of lawyers to handle all compliance topics, including implementation of the NEW SAP Privacy Governance application."