Best 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Nastel Technologies – Driving Business Transaction Performance

Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) is a critical set of technology applications providing reliable connectivity of various components of enterprise applications. Not only does it provide connectivity to various back-end resources, but as a business process orcestration layer it also plays an important role in concurrent execution, load balancing, and transaction processing It is very important to proactively monitor and manage MOM technologies to maintain high availability and reliability of mission critical applications.

Nastel Technologies, Inc. is a strong player in AIOps and APM (Application  Performance Monitoring) covering most commercial or in-house developed middleware technologies. Started as a consulting company in 1994, Nastel evolved to a software company offering IT organizations and business executives the tools and insights they need to understand and manage their digital environments. Nastel helps some of the largest global companies analyze, track transactions end-to-end and visualize data traversing from nascent mobile applications to legacy systems on mainframe. The firm was also acknowledged by the industry analyst including Gartner, Forrester Research, EMA and others as an established leader in APM and middleware-centric monitoring.

Back then, most established Systems Management and Monitoring Software vendors were more focused on mainframe, server and application availability did not fully understand the requirements for middleware management. They were slow to invest in new solutions in this area. Hence application groups in enterprises, who embraced the emerging technologies to address their business needs, were forced to build monitoring scripts or partner with a willing vendor to make sure that the SLAs are met. Seeing an opportunity, Nastel launched its flagship product AutoPilot®, in 1998, a proactive APM solution that ensures the availability and performance of mission critical applications utilizing MOM technologies in private and public cloud environments.

Today, the company offers more than 150 plugins for a wide array of nascent technologies including that in mobile devices, distributed systems, and open-source middleware and legacy applications on z/OS (a 64-bit operating system for IBM mainframes). One of their recent products is Nastel XRay– a highly scalable Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) solution. The product tracks transactions end-to-end from mobile devices throughout Java applications, ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus) and legacy systems, applying machine learning and big data analytics.

With over 300 fortune 1000 customers, Nastel’s products have spanned the globe in financial, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and many other verticals. The use cases they handle range from compliance, payment and claims processing, electronic medical record transmission, managed file transfers, order management, and many other business-critical applications. As a strong player in the APM, ITOA and AIOps markets, Nastel continues to innovate and bolster its offerings with the latest trends in technology, including AI, Big Data Analytics, Kafka, and Blockchain. Case in Point: IBM Global Services is an official Nastel Reseller. Micro Focus (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Broadcom (formerly CA), also resell Nastel products, said the CEO of the company, David Mavashev.

Nastel’s Secrets to Making the Best Company

“Not a single member in the Nastel team can easily be replaced – everyone in the company is indubitably valuable, knowledgeable, and engaged,” Mr. Mavashev said. There are plenty of other reasons why Nastel shines above its competitors. Not only do they continuously innovate and learn, but they also work using state-of-the-art disruptive technologies like machine learning and AI. Infusing these leading-edge technologies, Nastel builds outstanding solutions that outperform the ones from much larger corporations, the CEO said. “Our customers rely on our products, and have been doing so for decades.”

Nastel was the first company to introduce monitoring solutions for middleware.“Many large and publicly-traded companies such as Boole, BMC, Landmark, HP and CA had incorporated our solution into their products,” the CEO said talking about how influential their products were allowing much larger companies to grab their ideas to bolster their marketing sales channels.

Nastel Technologies is the only company that delivers a highly scalable solution to track end-to-end business transactions, from mobile devices to legacy applications on the mainframe. They provide solutions that deliver the highest levels of availability and performance for large enterprises, with the shortest time-to-value. “Our ability to exploit middleware messages to abstract business understanding from machine data places us at the right place, at the right time with the right technology to dominate the AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) market that is currently trending,” Mr. Mavashev noted.

As Nastel plans to shift into taking the leadership of the AIOps market, the CEO is focused on continuing   the innovation and startup spirit that helped the company excel in the monitoring middleware-centric APM market throughout their existence. Also, “we may bring financial partners [as part of the expansion plan], but not at the expense of the solution quality and corporate culture,” the CEO added.

Nastel Products and Services - In a Capsule

AutoPilot® A proactive application performance monitoring suite for composite mission-critical applications across hybrid cloud environments. The suite comprises of Autopilot for – Middleware, Analytics, Transactions, and APM.

Nastel XrayTM Big Data Analytics platform and Decision Support reporting – It can track and trace business transactions end-to-end across heterogeneous systems.

Nastel NavigatorTM A self-service middleware management solution supporting IBM MQ, IIB, Tibco EMS etc. This product is used as self-service by the DevOps groups.

The company also provides services related to the implementation of its solutions including customization, training, usage assessment, performance tuning, and improvement assessment.

Pioneer in Messaging Technologies – David Mavashev, CEO of Nastel

David Mavashev serves as Chief Executive Officer of Nastel Technologies, the company he founded in 1994. Nastel specializes in enterprise-grade proactive Application Performance, Business Transaction Monitoring and AIOps solutions with predictive analytics. As a recognized leading industry expert, David sets strategic directions, encourages new innovations, and brings a rare combination of business and technical acumen.

A successful entrepreneur, David is a General Partner at Elefund LLC, an investment and venture capital company helping new start-ups with innovative and disruptive solutions in a variety of industries. He also is the founder of jKool, a SaaS-based startup pioneering new artificial intelligence and analytics techniques that provide valuable business insights from real-time streaming data.

Prior to these entrepreneurial engagements, in a joint venture between a subsidiary of NYNEX and IBM, David architected and managed the implementation of the first commercial messaging product, which IBM markets as IBM MQ. A pioneer in the early evolution of messaging technologies, he logged many years as an IT consultant working with some of the world’s foremost enterprises.

“As CEO of the company, my goal is to execute on the set growth plan and win. I am ready to go aggressively about it while making sure that all parts of the company execute in unison towards the set revenue goals.”

“Our Corporate Philosophy is to stay focused and be the best-in-class company in all aspects of our business.”