MOURI Tech: A Trusted Partner for Enterprise Solutions

It’s a fast-changing market-driven world today. As organizations continue expanding on a global scale, there is a dire need for the right software and solution to integrate various functioning of the workplace. ERP software solutions play an important role today as it integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application.

With an aim to provide enterprise solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, MOURI Tech has paved the way with innovation ideas. With SAP as its prime vertical, MOURI Tech has gradually penetrated into the enterprise application market and has been adopted by global customers. The main philosophy of MOURI Tech is to be a trusted IT partner for its customers and not act as a vendor. Over the years, this has been a main differentiating factor for MOURI Tech from other players in the market.

The Journey so far…

The credit for founding MOURI Tech goes to Anil Yerramreddy. It was in early 2000 when SAP was slowly picking pace in the ERP market. Since Anil had worked in SAP technology for years together, he realized the potential where his company can build a base by convincing customers to adopt the new technology to gain early adopter advantage. But the journey so far has seen few challenges. “We have started as a small company with limited solution offerings, it was difficult in our initial expansion stages to penetrate into other areas with our customers,” recalls Anil, about the difficulties he faced in the initial years. “It took some time for us to be a comprehensive solution provider and reap the benefits of our successful solution implementations.”

Enterprise Expeditions

Recollecting the first ever project that MOURI Tech developed, Anil says, “Our first project was a breakthrough for us to secure 3 more projects in SAP CRM back in 2005.” This project was led by lean team of experts who took a novel approach to implement the solution. The customer was educated and informed about the product and a transparent communication was set up as well.

“We keep transparent communication with the customer and constantly presenting the solution as we make progress to avoid last minute surprises/miscommunications. We made our project successful within time and budget by setting the right expectation to our customer,” he adds.

For the first 7 years, MOURI Tech’s journey has primarily depended on SAP before expanding into other ERP platforms like Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Infor. More recently, it is slowly moving into other emerging technologies like IoT, Cloud, AI, ML, Conversational Interface, and Big Data.

Factors of Success

MOURI Tech lists these key criteria as its standing pillars of success.

Belief in long-term success: The company believes in long-term success and never tries to chase to short-term goals and is never satisfied with short-term success. “Our long-term belief is leading us to think bigger to build and expand as a sustainable organization,” notes Anil.

Early adopters of the latest technologies: To be on top of the technology is the core DNA and it has been a major unique selling proposition to compete with tough competition in the market for MOURI Tech. Being a niche technology service provider, it is easy for the company to get its foot in the door of new customers and compete with others.

The employees: Employees are the core assets of any service-based organization. “We have very long-standing employees with our company who has been with us since the inception of the company,” he proudly notes.

Excellence in customer service: MOURI Tech has been maintaining the highest satisfaction rate with its customers. “We leverage our customers as brand ambassadors to drive branding and marketing, this is a solid proof of the highest customer satisfaction rate,” adds the founder.

Values & Leadership: “Our value system “Teamwork & Collaboration” is a crucial pillar to the success,” says Anil. With the leadership team having immense experience and global exposure to drive an organization to the next level, MOURI Tech considers the leadership team as the driving force.

Future Engagements

MOURI Tech has engaging plans for the future. It has been developing an IoT product/platform to integrate different IoT devices, collect data and detect anomalies. The product is at a beta level and has been implemented for few customers as a pilot project. So far the results have been phenomenal and the company believes that it is ready to launch the product to the market in 6 months.

Speaking of the future, Anil says, “We want to be the top solution providers in the market for future needs of the business with latest technologies/tools(IoT, conversational interface, blockchain, and AI).” MOURI Tech also aims to expand its global footprint to the APEC countries and reach the 100 million USD revenue milestone by 2020.

Meet the Leading Force

Anil Yerramreddy is the founder, managing partner and global CEO of MOURI Tech. Anil takes up the responsibility for strategy, leadership development, service offering and market expansion to ensure the continued growth and success of the company. He also oversees select strategic partnerships. Anil brings with him over 20 years of experience in business development and management of enterprise solutions of various industries globally. Anil, with his passion to provide an unparalleled service to his clients with resources and imagination, brought MOURI Tech to the world and raised it with love and care from one person to a multi-level global organization. Anil earned his M.S in Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.

“The main philosophy of MOURI Tech is to be a trusted IT partner for its customers and not act as a vendor.”

“We are members of the large IT and software association to raise our voice to provide solutions/ideas for the betterment of the society and industry.”