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Snapcart: Make Offline Data Available and Useful

If you are in the retail business today, you need data-based models that can help you target your audience. Real-time offline shopper engagement and data services are of essence for brands. Snapcart, a Jakarta-based company is helping brands get a close understanding of shoppers through its innovations.

Snapcart was founded in 2015 by four executives who wanted to use the humble shoppers’ shopping receipt to get an insight on consumer spending. Snapcart uses its unique technology that gives it a deeper clarity on the consumers’ behavior to help businesses get an advantage over their competitors. The company has partnered with over 75 brands of consumer goods globally.

Elevate Your Brand with PASS

One of the best ways for businesses to promote their brand is by pushing your brands towards the shoppers. After regular shopping in various categories like food and beverages, beauty products, and more, shoppers can choose specific offers. Snapcart can help the shoppers use their shopping receipts to obtain rewards to increase shopper loyalty so that your customers keep coming back to you.

PASS (Promotion Activation for Shoppers Service) is a service by Snapcart that can help businesses reward shoppers by utilizing their shopping receipts. The service can be implemented to any store without any integration. PASS can help your business:

-Induce trial, new shoppers to convert

-Increase basket size, higher spend

-Bring more traffic, boost more trips

OPTI-mize Your Campaign

Seed audience have always been a great way to build optimized campaign over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other ad platforms. Seed audience indicates the characteristics of the target customers, this can be used to create models that will help you target a much larger audience for your campaign. Snapcart OPTI (Optimized Purchase Targeting and Insights) service enables businesses to target audience based on purchase data or crowd-sourced data that could be uploaded to ad platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Snapcart’s OPTI platform can target audience effectively. It helps a business pin point segments according to their brand strategy for the loyal customers and release trials for new customers. This means more sales and lesser ad costs which incur a lot of cost to businesses in general. Snapcart partners with Facebook, InMobi, YouTube, Amobee, and Telkomsel to make the optimization magic happen.

The OPTI platform by Snapcart can help your business:

-Identify segment's purchase and/or demog. scope

-Provide seed audience based on scope

-Upload into ad platform for look-alike modelling

The results are anything but a surprise as the platform takes of the business needs. Snapcart’s clients who have used OPTI for their campaigns have seen a massive 7x increase in their reach. Their Cost Per Conversion on an average has reduced by 50%. The returns on investment generated across the board for businesses is over 3x.

Snapcart’s TASC Solution

Every retail business has questions regarding shoppers’ behaviour on their mind. Pen and paper surveys are hard and results’ turnaround times in such old processes are huge. And getting customers to engage in tasks to obtain valuable feedback and insights into their shopping habits is not exactly easy. Snapcart’s TASC (Targeted Audience-based Survey and Crowd-sourcing) service is the answer to that question.

TASC can engage the customers with various tasks that will in turn help you get the valuable data to obtain information that could help your business grow and sell better. With a fast turnaround time of about 5,000 responses in 3 days, your business will be set for a great inflow of feedbacks swiftly. The service taps into diverse data including gps location, device data, purchase history, and demographic profile. TASC can be used for Brand Health Tracking, Campaign Effectiveness, New Product Launch, Concept Testing, Pre/Post Ad Evaluations, and Usage and attitude.

With more than a million downloads, award-winning TASC can help with:

-Product Feedback, Price/Promo Studies

-Dip Stick, Brand Health, Pre/Post TVC Test

-Concept Test, Image Collection, and much more

All these offerings together makes Snapcart a company that helps deliver advantage to your business like any other using data and actionable insights.

Meet the Expert

Reynazran Royono, Founder and CEO

Reynazran has held leadership roles in big corporations like The Boston Consulting Group and Procter & Gamble. Prior to founding Snapcart, he was the Deputy General Manager at 701 Pte Ltd. Before that he was a Project leader at The Boston Consulting Group. At Procter & Gamble, his last position was Head of Modern Retail Business Unit. Here, he transformed a team of National Customer Business Development managers and multifunction managers (finance, marketing, logistic, market research, IT) into the highest performing organization in the region, developed modern retail channel strategy, and managed best in class top-to-top client relationship. He also was the CEO of Berniaga.com, the leading commerce website in Indonesia.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) from Institute Technology of Bandung.

“Amplify the power of receipts and crowd-sourced data to the advantage of your Brand.”

“The world is changing. Snapcart is here for Brands to understand more and act fast in these uncertain times.”

“Snapcart’s PASS is a holistic approach to help you connect with shoppers in a relevant, personalized manner.”

“Increase the effectiveness of your ads by utilizing Snapcart’s OPTI, providing seed audience that can be expanded through look-alike modeling to create a larger target audience.”