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Insite is a digital agency that supports the integrity of internet compliance, sustainable code and website standards through award-winning UI, designs and exceptional UX. Humanizing Technology, it’s what we do!

Insite: “Our mission is to humanize technology to contribute to and keep up with an evolving world” In today’s dynamic world, business organizations must have an edge to stay ahead in a competitive market. Including a website that provides an innovative solution to the user’s problem. It is also crucially important to have a website that meets compliance and accessibility standards. A website is important for everyone as this is where the clients, customers, and other people have their first look at what you offer. The modern user expects more than just a URL; they expect innovative solutions that simplify their life. Of course, there are many legal suits surrounding security, privacy and accessibility. But it’s important to know and understand the landscape. Solutions like custom software, mobile and web apps that require strategic prowess beyond website design and development.

Meet Insite, a company that’s been helping their clients develop a customized, people-first approach to all-things-tech and humanizing it. Based in Dallas, Insite brings with it 20 years of experience specializing in building beautiful award-winning websites that support internet compliance and web standards. From verticals like healthcare and e-commerce to museum and fashion, Insite creates better experiences for everyone, one click at a time.In a tête-à-tête with President Bren Taylor Montgomery, we learned some interesting insights about their company. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Established in 1998, Insite has come a long way. How has your company expanded its offerings over the years?

We have stayed on top of the evolution and trends in the digital space and that’s contributed to expanding our offerings. With our decades of experience, we provide knowledge and options to our clients. In turn, we’ve joined with our clients to develop some amazing integrated apps, software, and websites. For example, when we produced a cutting-edge app for Traveler Secure, we definitely pushed the limits of what type of personal security could be achieved on a smartphone.

Dealing with so many clients over the years, you must have received many mixed responses. What were they and how has it motivated you to shape Insite’s offerings?

The majority of feedback from our clients is exactly what we want to hear: progressive, strategic, purposeful, disciplined, etc. I’ve often seen a misconception that clients have regarding where to go to get particular expertise. Many times, there’s an expectation that you should be an agency that offers everything digital- website development, SEO, marketing and advertising, and more. However, once we walk our clients through the benefit of using an agency that knows and understands the relationship of all the elements for a successful digital presence, and how to leverage those that are truly experts…it’s a true win-win. We believe the dependency the user has to find the right information quickly, with no accessibility problems or issues is invaluable. The power of knowledge is insurmountable.

Tell us what drives you to excel in your field of business?

I often tell our team that our gift to the world is our ability to solve problems and share knowledge along the way. We are driven to create something meaningful that will contribute to our community, our society, and our world. When a project gets signed, we enjoy and thrive on ways we can help improve companies, lives, and the communities through humanizing complex technology. For example, we developed an intuitive inventory system for a large company that saved them millions of dollars within the first year of deployment. We have made their work experiences better and in turn, their lives.

Let’s talk about the market factors and how they’ve inspired you to expand your company.

When we started, it was all about ‘making great websites.’ But we have a history of living on the cutting edge of technology and faced two market factors that necessitated we adapt. Firstly, when the technology landscape changed we realized anyone has the ability and the tools to make a website. This pushed us further into the tech landscape to focus on custom websites, software and apps that meet digital compliance guidelines. We’ve also seen how the landscape keeps changing with so many laws and standards. It’s critical to keep people and children safe, as well as ensure that anyone with a disability is able to find what they need.

Secondly, the lines have blurred when it comes to marketing budgets for projects that used to belong to IT. Modern businesses have the ability to integrate marketing and technology and they’re being rewarded just so. We speak both languages and enjoy working with both sides as well as creating a bridge for them to work together harmoniously.

If you had to pick the top five factors as your top assets, what would they be? And why?

We have one answer for all five. It’s the “People.” Our people are the foundation of this business and we value our team members with the highest regard. It’s a proud note for us to have several senior team members who have been with us for over 10 years. Clients wouldn’t find us, work with us, stay with us or evangelize our services if it weren’t for the human beings with whom they work. We’d have no perception, process, product or profit without them. There is absolutely no way that we can live up to the promise of doing great things, if it weren’t for our people’s sense of empathy about the clients and the users.

That’s very well put! On a larger scale, how does Insite contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

We contribute to the global IT platform by being good stewards to our craft. We believe in beautiful designs, UX and UI that anyone can access and not find challenges due to accessibility issues. We believe in the creation of a dependable and stable code base that will allow a client to scale rather than need to re-invest in the technology every few years. Increased security and privacy breaches mean increased guidelines, rules and laws in the coming years. We love technology and our ability to humanize it in ways everyone can use and trust.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

Still doing what we have been for the last 20 years—discovering and learning new technology as it evolves and understanding how to apply that technology at the right time and by what standards it will need to measure. We love to share our knowledge and we feel it’s so rewarding to be able to share what we know and help empower others along the way. There are so many choices and options in this space today, it can be overwhelming for the business owner. Making informed decisions is the key for our clients and we will continue to aid them.

Hello Captain

Owen Hannay, CEO

Owen founded Slingshot Advertising in Dallas in 1995 with the belief that clients and agencies were missing out on opportunities enabled by the exploding media landscape and digital environment. Prior to that, he spent a decade working for The Richards Group and Publicis, also in Dallas. In the intervening years he has established several additional ventures in Real Estate and Marketing including Speakeasy, a social content agency in partnership with The Dallas Morning News, and now has invested in Insite. A graduate of the University of Virginia and SMU, Owen has worn many hats throughout his career, but his favorite two remain those of husband and dad.

Meet the Charismatic Leader

Bren Montgomery, President

Since 1999, Bren champions compassionate leadership and transparent communication for company, team, and client success. She advocates Insite’s vision: to humanize technology. Her background in finance and operations sets the foundation to empower the team into the future, exploring what comes next in the industry while continuously nurturing our core values and capabilities. Bren has worn many hats at Insite before accepting the position of president in 2016. Beyond work, this energetic mom of two loves the outdoors and is a supporter of the United Way. Whether work or play, Bren always finds the good in every experience with a positive mind.

“We do our best every day to provide the best service and quality of work.”